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Get together Niao spray uses a technology
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  Get together Niao elastomer coatingIt is a kind of afterwards after Gao Gu divides coating of coating, coating and smooth solidify to wait one kind of research and development has lasting effect one kind when character of waterproof, stretch wear-resisting gets anticorrosive, impervious apply extensively volatilizes without solvent, free from contamination, use the coating of green environmental protection of safe, avirulent sex. SPUA spray shapes the technology is integrated coating, balata, thermoplastic the character of a variety of material such as plastic film, be one kind gets broad user is approbated, have the anticorrosive and waterproof painting of superior performance.

   One, get together the character of Niao and characteristic

  1, material is characteristic

Spray gets together Niao is coating of modified of polyurethane of share of a kind of double group.

1) a large number of end are added in reaction body amine radical base round reaction and agent of fluid amine solidify, the ageing resistance of material can be apparent coating of elastomer of prep above polyurethane.

2) of material be able to bear or endure medium corrodes function beautiful, ability is the temperature of on any account of all sorts of medium, acerbity, alkaline, inorganic what salt and oily apperception close matter is long-term corrode.

3) after spray paint becomes film, the mechanical function of material is adjustable the gender is big, hardness by D65 of Shao of ~ of Shao A 65 adjustable, the mechanical function of material and coating condition assembled balata, plastic piece, the integrated and superior performance of the colophony liner material, material such as thick oar coating. Wait like tensile strength, percentage elongation, plasticity, wearability all exceedingly good.

4) compact sex, impervious shows coating stuff capability is strong

5) of coating material be able to bear or endure high low temperature and hand in denaturation can strong (- 90 ℃ condition issues 30 ℃ ~ to be used for a long time)

  2, the character of construction

1) must use accord with high pressure of double group share, heat, the special spray equipment that the bulk such as discharge compares a condition.

2) spray gel time is short it is 3 ~ commonly 60 seconds, and end face is reached in random face all can spray, do not produce phenomenon drifting A Chinese-style unlined garment.

3) the rate that become film is rapid, compact sex beautiful, spray becomes velar ply to be able to be certainly inside 0.8 ~ 5mm. Overcame ply of film of thick oar coating to want the limitation that construction piles up for many times.

4) adherent to steel structure tool reference plane strength is good, after classics of tool reference plane is handled, its add exert oneself to ensure ≥ 5mpa, it is 5 ~ 12mpa commonly.
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