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Waterproof concrete characteristic and suitable scope
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  Waterproof concreteBe with adjusting concrete cooperate to compare, ability in swimming of mix into additive or the close-grained sex that use the method such as new breed cement to raise oneself, abhor and impermeability, make its satisfy impervious pressure to be more than the waterproof sex concrete of 0.6MPa.

   Waterproof concrete can be divided commonly for common and waterproof concrete, additive waterproof concrete is mixed expand cement is waterproof concrete 3 kinds big.

With waterproof concrete and employ a capable person waterproof wait to be compared, waterproof concrete has the following characteristic:

① holds concurrently waterproof and bearing two kinds of functions, can managing material, accelerate construction rate.

② material origin is extensive, cost is low.

③ falls in the case with structural content complex modelling, construction handy, waterproof properties is reliable.

④ is checked easily when ooze is slack, facilitate repair.

⑤ wear is good.

Requirement of ⑥ ameliorable work.

The waterproof concrete of different type has each not identical characteristic, answer to try to choose according to using a requirement, the suitable scope of the waterproof concrete of all sorts of types sees a table.

Express the suitable scope of waterproof concrete

Pressure of phyletic and highest impervious

(MPa) characteristic suitable scope

Common and waterproof concrete 3 construction of > are handy, material origin applies to waterproof project of general industry, civil building and communal architectural underground extensively

Waterproof concrete makes additive gas agent is waterproof 2.2 frost resistance of concrete > are good apply to area of northward Gao Han, frost resistance asks taller waterproof project reachs general and waterproof project, unwell at compressing the waterproof project with intensity > 20MPa or wearability higher demand

The agent that decrease water is waterproof concrete > 2.2 mix liquidity closing matter is good apply to reinforcing steel bar the Bao Bi with concentrated or difficult tamp waterproof build thing, also apply to pair of concrete setting time (hurried coagulates or delay coagulates) the waterproof project that has special demand with fluidity (if pump sends concrete the project)

3 alcohol amine is waterproof concrete > 3.8 inchoate intensity are high, impervious grade applies to time limit for a project high pressing, the demand reachs the project with taller impermeability and general and waterproof project by force early

Chloridize iron is waterproof concrete > of the 3.8 structures in applying to water without muscle little muscle waterproof project of project of thick big waterproof concrete and general underground, mortar repairs the project that wipe a face

Unfavorable on osculatory direct current source or prestressing force concrete and important Bao Bi structure use
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