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Permeate project of crystal and waterproof painting to use quality control
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  Cement radical permeates crystallization waterproof coatingBelong to this kind of new-style waterproof.

   The property of material, feature

Cement radical permeates crystallization waterproof is one kind condenses model waterproof coating. With cement, quartz arenaceous wait for base material, a kind of when a variety of active and chemical material and auxiliary material make mix into person farinaceous and waterproof coating. It is one kind does not have the material of gas, insipidity, avirulent, green environmental protection that does not have social effects of pollution.

Cement radical permeates the active and chemical material that contains in crystallization waterproof to be on damp tool reference plane, those who use concrete structure is porous, pass a capillarity, apply it " hydrophily " competence, make carrier infiltration arrive in concrete structure with water, reach the place that there are break and leakage inside concrete all the time. Water hind is encountered over, the Ca(OH) of the separate out in calcium of catalytic silicon acid and process of reaction of cement to hydrate and siliceous calcium are mirrorred interactively, formed not dissolve crystallizes at the fiber of shape of branches and tendrils of water content, in concrete structure interior water expands, the wool stoma that makes a structure medium and break get plentiful close-grained, stem water thereby, achieve waterproof goal, those who raise concrete from waterproof ability.

1. 1 go up in damp tool reference plane aptly construction, still can issue construction in the circumstance of ooze water.

1. 2 can long-term impervious and be able to bear or endure suffer strong hydraulic, belong to inorganic material nonexistent ageing problem, be the same as life with concrete.

1. 3 have exceed strong osmosis ability, crystallization is permeated in concrete interior, be destroyed not easily, have transcendental ego rehabilitate capacity, but repair is less than 0. The break of 4mm.

1. 4 prevent aspic be in harmony loop, control alkaline aggregate response, prevent chemistry to corrode the destruction of pair of concrete structures, have protective effect to reinforcing steel bar but do not have to concrete destroy expand action.

1. 5 construction simple, rate is rapid, economic time limit for a project, construction hind does not need to do covering layer, reduce integrated cost.

1. 6 avirulent, harmless environmental protection product, be able to bear or endure lukewarm, be able to bear or endure wet, be able to bear or endure oxidation, be able to bear or endure carbonization, be able to bear or endure ultraviolet ray, anti-radiant.

1. 7 application range is wide, can use extensively at runway of diaphragm wall of channel, large dams, reservoir, power station, nuclear power plant, cooling tower, Metro, crossroads, bridge, underground, airport, picket the waterproof construction that pool of processing of picket radical, liquid waste, reservoir, industry and civil building basement, roofing, lavatory bath asks, and the maintenance shot-off of loss of the malady of all Tong structure such as concrete building facilities.
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