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Outside the application of technology of system of the heat preservation outside
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Managing the sources of energy is the important matter that whole world people pays close attention to very, 47% of our country, the country already gave out pair of buildings energy-saving and compulsive execute 50% , promotion uses the national policy of 65% . The country already was promulgated and begin to carry out " civil building is energy-saving management sets " " public construction designs a standard " , near future country promulgates " energy-saving in long-term and special program " regulation: 915 during new structure should implement energy-saving standard strictly, existing building should be carried out stage by stage energy-saving transform.

   Polyurethane is current best insulation material, each function index system of the heat preservation outside the XPS of excel tradition, EPS. This kind outside the attention that technology of heat preservation system already got the country saves city to concern leader, expert each. Department of construction ministry science and technology already established polyurethane to build managing applying to popularize a working group, and this year the middle ten days of a month was held in Beijing in October " polyurethane wall metamere can apply technical international communication to meet " , countrywide each province, city, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government builds hall (build appoint) energy-saving wall of division of science and technology changes do, nearly 100 delegates enter the unit of design and development. International builds energy-saving expert to defend & #8226; Dr. Ai Wensi to tell a reporter greatly, polyurethane material is the insulation material with the at present best function on international, horniness polyurethane is plastic have quality light, coefficient of thermal conductivity low, hear resistance is good, it is ageing, easy to be able to bear or endure do not produce the superior performance such as frit drop with other data felt, combustion. Euramerican wait for a developed country to be made an appointment with in building insulation material 49% for polyurethane material, and our country this one scale is still insufficient 10% , for this construction the ministry removes the substitute that will regard a tradition as to build insulation material polyurethane material to undertake popularizing from this year.

At present our country has a lot of province to apply this technology construction actually to already amounted to 20 much square metre, atlas of standard of the construction technology regulations that the province such as Xinjiang, Jilin, Heilongjiang already made this technology, design. Because this building is energy-saving the situation is urgent, technology of system of the heat preservation outside the wall outside promotion application polyurethane is imperative.

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