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Polyurethane of the form of a drug that be not dissolve is waterproof the promot
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  Settle the way of problem of safety of polyurethane coating dissolvent

  Apparent, solve polyurethane from material angle the way of problem of safety of waterproof coating construction has 3:

The first it is to choose the other and organic dissolvent that lights avirulently, not easily, the 2nd it is development need not solvent dilute and need not the polyurethane of bottom coating is waterproof coating, the 3rd it is development, choose coating of bottom of the form of a drug that be not dissolve.

The first route goes at present be illogical. Japanese polyurethane is waterproof coating prohibits using solvent dilute in the spot, the bottom Tu Cai that offers ester of use second acerbity second, acetone to wait for low poisonous dissolvent by manufacturing company form a complete set expects. The price of ester of second acerbity second is 8000-14000 yuan / ton, the price of acetone is 6000 yuan / ton. Such price does waterproof construction to be accepted very hard in home. The price of the toluene that at present home uses in great quantities is in 4000 yuan / ton the following, taboo. But the price that certain construction group is stealing used benzene is in 2000 yuan / ton the following. The path that chooses other and organic dissolvent according to the standard of safe, economy apparently goes at present be illogical.

Solve problem of safety of polyurethane coating construction through the 2nd way, home had major breakthrough in recent years. One large quantities of need not solvent dilute and need not waterproof coating develops the polyurethane of bottom coating quickly rise:

Coating of odd constituent polyurethane. This is the mature product on international, because the price is high,go and cannot popularize in home. As the fall after a rise of value of market of domestic raw material, at present odd constituent polyurethane compares price of double constituent polyurethane only tall 10% , performance/price ratio is already apparent polyurethane of prep above double constituent. Because this is produced,grow quickly with application. Only Beijing has had more than 10 enterprise to produce coating of odd constituent polyurethane, more than tons 500 are amounted to in Beijing sale 1999. This kind of material does not need bottom besmear work, can be in directly damp face construction, through producing reaction solidify with the water portion in air. Because this needs sealed rigor, microtherm exercise needs to add activator to adjust solidify time. Cost of raw materials of construction of every square metre makes an appointment with 25 yuan. Have on behalf of manufacturer: Beijing Jin Zhiding limited company, Beijing builds solid of labour academy, Beijing to be able to bear or endure special waterproof limited company. Represent a project: Groundwater of city of trade of Taiwan businessman of project of Beijing Jia Heli garden, Xing is waterproof the project.

Do not need the paint of double constituent polyurethane of dilute and bottom besmear construction. The liquid material that does not volatilize below the normal temperature of plant family expenses such as ** waterproof factory (if colophony of 2 Ding Zhihe oil are mixed,get together ether) or the fly ash with good liquidity replace original French chalk to do filling, the total consistency of the product is reduced greatly, do not need bottom besmear work, again more attenuant than needing can make facing construction directly namely. Content of waterproof painting firm returns the polyurethane of use liquid filling to rise somewhat, solidify speed also compares good control of odd constituent polyurethane. The Beijing field sales volume 1999 amounts to coating of polyurethane of this kind of double constituent 259 tons, cost of raw materials of construction of every square metre is 15-25 about yuan, polyurethane of the form of a drug that compare dissolve still drops somewhat, user very welcome. Have on behalf of the project always install li of diplomatic mission apartment to wait.
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