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The function of waterproof coating reachs water solidify polyurethane research
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  1 preface

Our country is at present in waterproof construction, waterproof coating basically includes the polyurethane that applies actually tar with blame tar model two kinds. Tar, the part such as petroleum pitch polyurethane is complex, contain many anthracene, naphthalene, phenol kind wait for easy volatile to pledge, pollute environment and health of harm human body badly, as the progress of the buildup of consciousness of people environmental protection and science and technology, tar polyurethane is waterproof the application of coating is restricted increasingly, the country is being advocated use blame tar polyurethane waterproof coating and get together ether polyurethane is waterproof coating [1] . The water solidify polyurethane that the article develops is waterproof coating is to get together ether, without solvent environmental protection model high-grade synthesis high polymer is waterproof coating, the tar with the tradition, waterproof coating photograph compares petroleum pitch polyurethane, having volatilize without solvent, free from contamination of avirulent, insipidity, construction, solidify is rapid wait for an advantage, the requirement that accords with zoology development and environmental protection [2] , solidify agent is with water when construction matchs paint, this as waterproof as other sheet or double constituent polyurethane coating is apparently different, body reveals the new thinking that waterproof coating development develops polyurethane, new technology, have wide market perspective.

   Polyurethane of 2 water solidify is waterproof the preparation of coating [3]

2.1 main raw material

Get together ether is multivariate mellow, industrial brand: TDIOL-2000 and TEP-330N; toluene ester of 2 different cyanic acid (TDI); adjacent benzene 2 formic acid ester of 2 different Ren (2 butyl of DINP); laurel is acerbity in Feburary stannum (T-12); shrinks 2 glycol (2 pleasant are mellow) filling of; of antioxidant of; of dehydrating agent of; of; anti-foaming agent, industrial product.

2.2 get together beforehand the synthesis of body

Will get together first ether is multivariate mellow (TDIOL-2000 and TEP-330N) are in (℃ of 110 ~ 120) , - dehydrate of the decompression below 0.095MPa (40 ~ 60)min, made moisture content ≤ 0.05% , reserve. Join TDIOL-2000, TDI and TEP-330N respectively in airtight container, scale is 9 ∶ 2.5 ∶ 1, in (rate of ℃ of 90 ~ 95) , mix is left and right sides of 3h of the reaction below 400r/min condition. Meantime should sample for many times detect of polymer, NCO content, join according to its content right amount shrink 2 glycol and compensatory and right amount TDI, should get together beforehand of body, NCO quality cent is 5.40% ~ 5.50% when, can stop reaction.

The preparation of 2.3 coating

Plasticizer DINP, filling is joined below high speed agitate (painty) , dehydrating agent, dispersive and even mothball with. Get together what already had synthesized beforehand body warms up 95 ℃ , join the lubricious oar that has dispersed, anti-foaming agent, antioxidant below high speed agitate, 1.5h of heat preservation agitate, refrigeration drops in temperature to 50 ℃ , join right amount drier 2 butyl laurel is acerbity in Feburary stannum (T-12) , can go out equably dispersedly makings.
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