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Cement is compound and waterproof systematic application example
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  Cement is compound and waterproof systematic application example

Field of Yo of Beijing dew celestial bodies builds bleachers waterproof project to use polyethylene polypropylene fibber waterproof a material is complex polymer cement felt expects double talk is waterproof layer practice, the surface should use polymer cement mortar again (contain polyester fiber to enhance material) as facing protection Beijing holy waterproof limited company carries on bleachers is waterproof layer project task, began construction in April 2006, complete of 10 Queen of heaven, classics store water detects without leakage, waterproof effect is admirable.

   One, bleachers is basic state

Stadium is located at Beijing southwest ministry, major of movement of department Beijing abstruse body compares one of competition ground houses, make an appointment with 10 thousand much square metre, bleachers falls to wait for public facilities for honoured guest room, anteroom and office. Waterproof project divides stadium bleachers to prevent surface to accumulate 3600 square metre and bleachers roofing to prevent surface to accumulate 1500 square metre for audience platform, add up to 5100 square metre. Because place of time limit for a project is restricted, spot earth builds construction and operation of across of waterproof working procedure. (the step that every make build go up by bleachers base) earth builds basic level to clear end, after plasterer make level, waterproof layer uses labour section flow operation.

   2, bleachers is waterproof and tectonic

  Wait for joint research via construction, construction, design and expert, firm stand is waterproof and tectonic as follows:
The ply consistency of waterproof layer mixes consideration bleachers waterproof whole is airtight quality, used synthesis polypropylene fibber of high polymer polyethylene is waterproof makings answer synthesizes a material and polymer cement felt a waterproof layer, do fortify of two class that it is Ⅰ in all. On its besmear blows a C special coating as interfacial layer, wipe a ply finally 200 millimeter belt enhances mortar of fibrous polymer cement to be facing, with strengthening mortar tensile strength is mixed get used to deformation.

   3, bleachers is waterproof construction

  (one) construction preparation

  1. main material

  (1) polyethylene polypropylene fibber is waterproof a material

Choose mortar of cement of 200 millimeter thick polymer to add double deck polypropylene fibber of 0.6 millimeter thick polyethylene is waterproof a material, the filament of excel in polypropylene fibber that two sides shapes for hot pressing is not had spin cloth.

The raw material that polyethylene shows polypropylene fibber is former those who be born is normal and high grade article, raw material of forbidden use second birth reachs a capable person of compound production 2 times, a material that bleachers uses is complete accord with national level " high polymer is waterproof a material sheet of · of the first part " GB18173.1-2000 (FSZ) regulation, mechanical sex visibility expresses main physics 1. Express 1 polyethylene polypropylene fibber waterproof a material is main physical function
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