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A certain number of use methods of waterproof coating mix polymer cement applied
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Polymer cement is waterproof coating (abbreviation JS is compound and waterproof coating) , with its good physical performance, simple construction method is mixed can go up in damp basic level the characteristic such as construction, go up oneself century end comes get rapid development and large-scale popularize application at the beginning of this century. However, in last few years this kinds of product appeared however huge quality problem, to a lot of construction unit and management department leave extremely undesirable impression, begin to support distrustful attitude to its thereby. A kind of new product does not come out to be faced with with inferior the awkward condition that eliminates product associate with, your person feels regretful, among them matter dies of purpose besides market low competition, manufacturer indulge of superintendency not do one's best of quality and construction process is jerry flush besides, as undeserved as this product application still with a lot of course of study wife person knows an error to concern to this product presence.

   The understanding error that the choice of 1 pair of latex and burden compare

JS is compound and waterproof the fundamental of coating is mix in order to synthesize modified of latex of high polymer polymer with cement quartz is arenaceous the inorganic gel material that is bases, forms film is able to bear or endure high strenth, by force in what carry cement gel data basically on the characteristic foundation of ability in swimming, have again flexible (namely outspread rate) . But, polymer latex also brought negative effect to makings of cement base material, namely the fall of hardness and be able to bear or endure for a long time ability in swimming and ageing resistance can abate, closely related the sort that its enjoy action size and place to use latex and mix into quantity (namely the modified ability) of latex. The emulsion that uses at JS coating on the market at present basically has two kinds: Latex of polypropylene acerbity ester and polyethylene, latex of ester of acetic acid ethylene, former modified ability excel is latter, the dosage that achieves same function is former also remarkable little at latter, its lose action to also be less than latter apparently. But most person thinks JS is compound and waterproof erroneously coating should be latex dosage had jumped over greatly more, the latex dosage that compares which product to allow with same price when different plant family property tastes the choose and buy is big and choose. Accordingly, some manufacturer or businessman to show dosage of its product latex is big, mix into of purchased latex raw material JS coating is made up again after water, its product quality and real JS coating phase go very far. Have more very person, some construction team contracts in low after waterproof project, use what city buys to get together latex of ester of acetic acid ethylene (common weighs white emulsion) or polyvinyl alcohol is sizy (common weighs 107 glue) the construction after mix into matchs, its consequence is unimaginable, damaged severely JS is compound and waterproof the fame of coating. The JS that uses in great quantities on construction project at present is compound and waterproof in coating, use latex of polypropylene acerbity ester truly be less than 10 % , this is JS compound and waterproof coating slips " inferior " the main reason of product range.
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