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The function characteristic of polyurethane product and application are analysed
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Nowadays, be opposite as people the requirement of environmental protection is stricter and stricter and increase of energy cost considerably, as heat preservation is at present energy-saving a kind of on the market the most superior insulation material, the application that product of polyurethane hard bubble is building energy-saving heat preservation to go up is wider and wider. Research makes clear, polyurethane kind the product holds the market share that has 15 % in domain of application of global building materials, euramerican the building that waits for a developed country has 49 % to be polyurethane material about in insulation material, in our country this one scale still is not worth 10 % . Current, global polyurethane total output already exceeded 10 million tons / year, produce can year average increase rate 4.4 % , wastage year grow 3.4 % on average, predict 2010, the market share of global polyurethane housing materials will achieve the 24 % of polyurethane gross, china regards industry of Asian area polyurethane as the largest production base and consumptive market, of polyurethane product use up increase rate to make an appointment with 20 % left and right sides. Visible, in the application that constructs energy-saving field in future, the applied perspective of polyurethane hard bubble is quite wide.

   One, function of polyurethane hard bubble analyses polyurethane hard bubble to exceed low coefficient of thermal conductivity

Polyurethane hard bubble has superior heat performance, its coefficient of thermal conductivity is lower than airy coefficient of thermal conductivity (℃ of 0.023W/m.K/25 of ≤ of polyurethane coefficient of thermal conductivity; ℃ of 0.025W/m.K/25 of ≤ of air coefficient of thermal conductivity) , at present the commonly used heat preservation heat-insulating material on the project cannot is likened to to it. The heat preservation effect of the PU horniness expanded plastics with 50 thick millimeter is equivalent to 80 millimeter the board with the cork with the mineral wool with thick EPS, 90 thick millimeter, 100 thick millimeter, 280 large millimeter or the concrete with 760 thick millimeter. Accordingly, if use polyurethane hard bubble to make insulation material, the heat-insulation layer of wall body will attenuate, of the building self-prossessed will reduce, the living space of the building also will increase.

   The fire prevention with polyurethane hard good bubble is able to bear or endure lukewarm function

Although polyurethane hard bubble is polymer, but it is material of hot solid sex, laziness appears in aflame, the combustible blaze that won't produce melt is drippy content, will form the covering layer of a cooking however, this one character restrained melt effectively to cause the hazard that igneous situation spreads. In the meantime, polyurethane hard bubble can resist splattering spark and radiate are heated up, it still can prevent oxygen to enter plank, or interior of wall body heat-insulation layer and contact of material of expanded plastics core, won't cause the direct inflammation of core material consequently, can assure architectural integrality. Pass at the same time adjust a recipe, material of polyurethane hard bubble can satisfy the fire prevention performance with building higher insulation material completely to ask.
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