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Artificial lake is waterproof plan
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Artificial lake belongs to water conservancy project kind, water conservancy project is waterproof with industry and civil building waterproof select material has bigger distinction, the impermeability that water conservancy project uses waterproof, tensile strength and combat puncture, tear strength, waterproof of common construction project cannot is likened to.

Foundation of artificial lake foundation is weak, waterproof ask than average water conservancy project again tall, accordingly, this project chooses film of compound land labor, spend polyethylene earth to be versed in velar two sides closes through heat in high density namely compound two polyester are not had spin cloth (call earth labour cloth again) . Its are main the tectonic layer that function index compares fortify of depart of film, cloth wants many tall. Film of compound land labor (two cloth one film 900 grams / ㎡) function index sees quality of capital works of irrigation works ministry detects material of synthesis of central land labor detects report (accessory) .


The main demand of waterproof project is " integral sex " , had good waterproof, construction becomes crucial link. According to this program requirement, after compound earth is versed in film heats up solder, will use stick oneself sealed build juncture.

   1 construction technological process

Level off squeezing ramming and tool reference plane clear → of laid of film of labor of → compound land coils material node, nozzle solders sealed → examination repairs → shops of 3 layer closing territory press build by laying bricks or stones of → rubble layer to build.

   2 construction technology wants a place

  Construction of film of labor of 2.1 compound land

1 because lake water front is labyrinthian, cut out to go to the lavatory, general edge is short to material of foundation of bottom of directional laid lake, the line is played by elevation of design water level first when laid establishing a range, and roll material height appropriate exceeds elevation line 20cm, secure with cement hammer.

2 groups person specially assigned for a task undertakes laid, cut out, build receive width 60mm inside, when laid, avoid fold to appear as far as possible, roll material is built receive place solder side to should clear clean, must not have any dirty content and water.

3 before soldering, should adjust first good heat closes the temperature of machine and career, in order to avoid temperature too low solder not firm or temperature crosses high fever to defeat a material phenomenon, make sure heat closes at the same time machine walk expedite, avoid to burn destroy an ability.

4 because be double seam welding,receive, solder after ending, usable pump encourages detect through pressure solder close-grained state. Will stay next not solder place is swabbed clean, with double-faced stick adhesive plaster oneself sealed.
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