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Fiber applies mediumly in waterproof concrete
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Project fiber is right of concrete collapse fall degree, intensity, impermeability and crack resistance can influence, and introduced its applied case, point out fiber of right amount Du La is being added in concrete is the efficient way that raises its impervious, crack resistance at the same time.

   One, introductive

GBJ108 of level of state of People's Republic of China, 87 " Cheng of ground come off work is waterproof technical standard " the 2nd chapter " subterranean engineering waterproof design " the first the 2.1.4th specific provision: Appropriate of? of billow of phlegmy Mu of こ of dark impossible deer uses waterproof Tong from waterproof structure, can establish add and waterproof layer or other and waterproof measure according to need. " use waterproof concrete, join Du La fiber, it is one kind ensures the impermeability of Tong reachs the effective method that prevents bedding face to accumulate motherboard systole craze. Project fiber is the polypropylene monofilament fiber of finishing of a kind of course. This fiber has wonderful dispersive sex in concrete, and chemistry is stabilized, the physical structure that relies on change concrete only and the performance that improves Tong, not with aggregate, additive, mingle the hair such as makings, cement to give birth to chemical reaction.

   2, experiment research

1. Test data.

Cement: Limited company of square cement of Guangzhou city Jia Huana, PO42.5R, physical sex visibility is expressed one.

Fly ash: Power plant of Guangzhou city yellow Bu, medicinal powder the class that grind Ⅱ .

Sand: Qing Yuanhe is arenaceous, fineness modulus 2.6.

Clastic rock: Clastic rock of granite of Guangzhou yellow Bu, bead diameter is 5- 25mm.

Decrease water agent: Zhan Jiang additive factory, FDN, 5R, delay coagulates efficient the agent that decrease water.

Water: Tap water.

Fiber: The fiber that factory of waterproof building materials produces.

2. Concrete function experiments.

The experiment is pressed cooperate to compare undertake, checked concrete respectively collapse fall degree, compressive strength reachs impervious function, .

Fiber of right amount project is added to mix to concrete in 1) concrete close matter collapse fall degree reach its loss to be affected somewhat, collapse fall degree have a bit drop and the addition that measures as mix into, drop extent increases stage by stage, but the pump that its job sex still can satisfy concrete sends reach construction to irrigate requirement.

2) adds right amount project fiber in concrete hind, to the compressive strength of concrete without too big impact its impervious function gets rising apparently however.

3) is right 1 ~ 4 groups, 5 ~ undertake tension experiments 8 groups breaking off cracking, when test specimen achieves collapse strength, did not add test specimen of Du La fibrous to rupture already completely destroy, and join project fibrous 6 groups of test specimen appear only the tiny flaw that 1 ~ is not be well versed in 2 times. This makes clear after joining fiber, the crack resistance of concrete can get rising apparently.
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