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Affect the main factor of function of waterproof concrete impervious to analyse
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[Summary] the impervious property influencing factor of waterproof concrete is more, combinative practice analysed the main factor that affects concrete impervious performance and note.

   [Keyword] waterproof concrete; Impervious; Cooperate to compare


Waterproof concrete rises in the development on the foundation of common concrete. Both differentia depends on common concrete undertake making up according to needs strength, among them cobble is framework, the space of sand fill cobble, space of grout fill fine aggregate makes aggregate felt is together. And waterproof concrete asks to make up according to what the project needs impervious, among them the framework action of cobble is abate, cement mortar removes effect of contented fill felt outside, still ask its are all round thick aggregate form a certain quantity of, mass layer of good mortar wrap up, raise the impermeability of concrete thereby.

Remove the element of main effect to have to the impervious function of concrete: Water ash mixes than reaching the workability that closes matter; Cement dosage, arenaceous rate and its corresponding ash are arenaceous than. In addition, breed of cement breed, grading of arenaceous stone grain, cobble and the biggest diameter; Conserve condition and conserve means, produce the effect of different level to the impervious function of concrete.

   The effect that 1. water ash compares

Concrete mixes the size that the water ash that closes matter compares pair of sclerotic concrete hole to lead, amount has conclusive effect, structure of immediate impact concrete is thick quality.

Water ash is smaller than jumping over, concrete is close-grained the gender is taller, impermeability and intensity are higher. Conversely, water ash is bigger than passing, concrete impermeability also is reduced subsequently. Accordingly, appropriate water ash has good impermeability and appropriate workability than should assuring concrete.

In addition, water ash compares one of elements that are the wear that affects impervious concrete, when water ash comparing exceeds 0. 60 when, frost resistance drops apparently. Set out from contented concrete impermeability, wear accordingly, impervious concrete most flood ash is compared with 0. 60 advisable.

   2 cement dosage, arenaceous rate and ash are arenaceous compared effect

Be worth than be restricted in certain water ash inside, cement dosage and arenaceous rate are more apparent to the influence of concrete impermeability.

Enough cement dosage and appropriate arenaceous rate, can maintain the amount of mortar of the cement in bark concrete and quality, make concrete obtains good impermeability. Accordingly, lowest must not be less than the cement dosage of waterproof concrete 320kg / M3.

Waterproof concrete uses higher arenaceous rate commonly, accordingly, lap besides space of requirement fill cobble outside cobble, return the mortar layer that must have certain ply.
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