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Roofing is waterproof design
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Roofing is waterproof the design has very important place in the project, it is a when make sure engineering construction does not suffer rainwater to erode main link. The stand or fall of waterproof effect, affect the service life of the building directly, accordingly, appropriate roofing must choose seriously strictly in the design waterproof practice.

Waterproof design differs according to waterproof function, cent is flexible and waterproof with tigidity waterproof two kinds big, flexible turn on the water in order to coil material application is more, rigid and waterproof with the structure from waterproof wait with waterproof Tong.

   Slope roofing prevents water seepage consideration

The; that the reason of waterproof occurrence leakage is many sided includes slope roofing material quality, devise a method, all sorts of elements such as construction practice, the stand or fall of waterproof quality is the base that the design uses.

Before 90 time, our country roofing is waterproof use most is flexible waterproof, design majority uses 3 felt 4 oil regard roofing as waterproof, inchoate construction unit can deserve strictly to compare bitumen by scale of bitumen brand size, do roofing 3 felt 4 oil are waterproof, the later period of waterproof life; that all can satisfy particular fixed number of year because of bitumen and asphalt felt quality reduce, construction unit purchases the bitumen of a kind of brand, come construction 4 oil regard 3 felt as roofing waterproof. As a result of the change of weather difference in temperature, the ageing of bitumen, bring about 3 felt 4 oil begin to produce break, to roofing from project complete the use fixed number of year of waterproof occurrence leakage is shortening in year after year, some project complete in those days roofing is waterproof with respect to occurrence leakage, affect the integral quality of the project badly.

Roofing waterproof leakage is affected in the whole nation very big, the whole nation attends a meeting the spot for many times, the requirement concerns a section, development develops roofing waterproof, some enterprises, what developed development to give different raw material early or late is waterproof a material and waterproof pink, the modified bitumen that still has different quality coils material, get together second rare polypropylene fibber is double-faced and compound waterproof a material, balata is waterproof a material, mix into of qualitative close-grained agent enters silicon among Tong waterproof. But, new-style waterproof also is put in material quality problem, not little waterproof roll material is produced by small company, as a result of the weakness of technical force, cause product quality not to amount to mark, the sample quality that some products produce is good, and what produce group by group is more rough-wrought, do not know to use when the design the sort of waterproof a material had better.

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