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Floor carrying a layer on the head is hit to wear do shot-off of loss and waterp
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The method of shot-off of loss is very actually simple. If want to have waterproof effect first, can add in grout expander fills again with the agent that decrease water, but want careful expander to be added so that can make craze instead too much.

Can be pure do waterproof it is insufficient, even if does not leak temporarily, time grew, also can leak certainly. Besides, floor is hit wear, if do not fill floor,go up, how to do waterproof? From this, of floor reparative it is a more crucial question, if just fill simply,go up some of cement, it is special not firm.
So the proposal looks for professional building staff to try to undertake shot-off of loss is handled, do consolidate processing, decorating a company is no good. Reparative after ending, had better be preexistence reparative place enlarges limits ground to brush spirit of shot-off of loss as far as possible (because shot-off of loss is quick similar cement, but have quite good waterproof effect) , wait for completely dry hind, again above brush waterproof, had better be little exchange water, brush more a few, brush a few thicker. Can set his mind at so. Those who need special attention is, brush waterproof had better not local do, had better be whole is done, otherwise one cannot say for sure won't have subtle leakage place, meet in that way all one's previous efforts wasted.

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