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When the home is installed, what place should make waterproof processing
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  1. weighs the ground of floor tile- paving tile: When hutch defends the ground to be repaired in new outfit, waterproof layer is destroyed the most easily. Original waterproof layer should have been protected as far as possible when decorating, once destroy, must repair in time, do waterproof layer afresh. Change when floor tile, after original floor tile authentic goes, should apply the floor with cement mortar first smooth, with polyurethane waterproof coating besmears repeatedly brush 2~3 to all over. Notice besmear is brushed should even, lest some places are too thin, cause leakage.

   2. and the metope that wash bath establishment vicinity: Wash face basin, the water when cistern is used can splash adjacent wall to go up, if do not have the protection of waterproof layer, wall is easy and damp, hair mildew changes. Because this is before shop metope ceramic tile, must do the waterproof processing of good metope, but the body of light qualitative wall that dispute bearings, should accomplish at least 1.8 meters tall, had better rectify side wall to do waterproof processing. As adjacent as shower position metope is waterproof also should accomplish 1.8 meters tall, the height of as waterproof as the metope of adjacent of bath crock photograph coating also answer of crock of prep above bath on along.

   The juncture of fluctuation conduit and 3. metope and ground, ground is in: Leakage happens in the tubal root that crosses floor, floor drain, wholesome clean to provide more reach the place such as horn of yin and yang, the reason is to be in charge of the place such as root, floor drain to become loose, stick receive not firm, besmear to brush not close or waterproof layer local attaint, component is built receive length insufficient place is caused. Part of the part side these edges is the easiest the place of occurrence leakage, want to notice the construction of node of weak position detail, waterproof coating must daub reachs the designated position. Conduit, floor drain pass through when floor, the waterproof layer of its hole periphery must serious construction. Fluctuation conduit is uniform should do good cement mulch, brush 10~20 up since the ground centimeter polyurethane is waterproof coating, be in next ground redo polyurethane is waterproof layer, add former waterproof layer, composition is compound model waterproof layer, in order to enhance waterproof properties.

   The wall of conduit buries inside 4. : Conduit is buried inside wall body, should do the groove that is more than tubal diameter, the plasterer inside groove is pliable, brush polyurethane inside groove next waterproof coating, undertake waterproof processing.

   5. sewage draining exit and floor drain: The area that hutch protects must slope leaks to the ground mouth, in order to make catchment fluent, not seeper. When decorating, should avoid to alter as far as possible original catchment and waste pipe and floor drain position.
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