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Domestic residence decorates waterproof importance
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  Waterproof importance is reflected not only go up in project of large project construction, and in domestic residence in decorating, also cannot be short of. In the devoted scale of outfit is in the home, waterproof project occupies 2 % only - the portion of 3 % , but the convenience sex that it affects daily life directly, security, comfortable sex. Decorate in household in, waterproof construction place basically emphasizes particularly on to wait at kitchen, toilet, balcony with water frequent place reachs wall put oneself in another's position moistureproof.

   The most commonly used waterproof cent in construction is at present oily with ability in swimming two kinds.

Oily waterproof (belong to enclothe model) fight pressure the gender is strong, but easy ageing, ground of the requirement in construction is clean, so dry, enclothe ply even, should be in commonly 2 - 3 millimeter. What should notice not to damage waterproof layer in construction is local. Note the level of content of its armour Tong even when select material.

Waterproof of ability in swimming (belong to permeate model) , material itself does not contain armour Tong, but the waterproof properties that considers it, the ground when construction wants cleanness, humidity is balanced, material is made up hold measurable, should besmear equably brush 2-3 to all over, especially corner, aperture should besmear brush reach the designated position.

Appeared on the market at present a kind of sex that belong to steel and permeate model waterproof agent is united in wedlock waterproof, its principle is the active chemistry in material material uses cement concrete itself inherent chemical character and porous, become carrier with water, osmosis of have the aid of, transmit in mixing canaliculus of clay small Kong Jimao, the ingredient that plentiful, catalysis mixes the particle inside clay and not complete to hydrate produces to hydrate effect again, form not the crystallization of dissolve sex, and with mix clay knot to be an organic whole. It can permeate cement 3 centimeters deep, with cement concrete union makes whole, to be less than 0. The break of 4mm-1mm but ego rehabilitate, have fight concussion, wear-resisting to brush, be able to bear or endure lukewarm, be able to bear or endure wet, be able to bear or endure ultraviolet ray, anti-radiant, be able to bear or endure the function such as oxidation, place is treated place is contacted with drinking water directly, without the influence. Construction besmear brushs 1-2 to all over can.

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