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It is the most important that gazebo decorates waterproof project
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Gazebo is decorated, waterproof it is the most important, had done waterproof project, can penetrate building interior in order to prevent rainwater ooze; The flowers and plants of gazebo had better choose to choose to fight the species with bug tall sex; The decoration that the cane pledges and metallic furniture also suits very much.

   The first pace: Had done waterproof

The gazebo in sky regards building architectural as one part, also answer and waterproof test is done like toilet, spread in order to avoid lunt ooze everywhere into the slop below wall brick floor tile. Urine pool can be set on gazebo, to raise its waterproof properties, ferroconcrete build by laying bricks or stones had better be used to build when building, in the building at the same time top shop is installed add again between layer and pool bottom a waterproof layer.

   The 2nd pace: Plant a flower to hold the lantern

Flowers and plants should choose to fight the species with bug tall sex, cultivate belt and bedroom to want to do necessary space, lest bug is formic,enter room. The style of gazebo ground also wants to be coordinated with indoor color photograph, had better not differ too far.

Lamp of a few droplight, ground, lawn lamp, wall lamp can be installed on gazebo, can use windbreak coal oil lamp of the activity or candle light even, so that be in,evening achieves the result that expect is less than.

   The 3rd pace: Put furniture

Wood and cane make furniture is gazebo go up commonly used, can put beautiful small desk and chair, suit to drink tea to chat; Metallic furniture can bear relatively outdoor wind blows rain to hit, and the style is contemporary, concise, but for the gazebo to wooden floor, suit not quite. Inside the gazebo that did not close, one shines beautiful sunshade is indispensable, can the light with intense keep out.

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