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Implement the four methods of high grade and waterproof project
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The home pretends nowadays more and more essence of life, can go up in the waterproof in choosing take cover engineering, a lot of consumer do not have clear idea, there is the waterproof brand of a lot of good and evil people mixed ups on together with market, let a person choose hard, bury next hidden trouble very easily for waterproof accident.

Since home of evening paper joy opens waterproof questionnaire to investigate, got the citizen's enthusiasm pays close attention to. This period the Laoyaer that happy home invite has old and waterproof practice is waterproof expert Mr Liu is fine explain waterproof knowledge, the waterproof with teach you winkle of 4 kinds of methods good has been done waterproof.

   Waterproof should pick good brand

"Crooked " material is waterproof period short, volatilize for a long time the toxic carcinogenic substance such as benzene, xylene, it is the main reason that causes building leakage and indoor pollution. Consumer should choose quality reliable, public praise the well-known trademark waterproof with good, all ready attestation, do not give " crooked " waterproof an opportunity given by.

   Waterproof construction place wants comprehensive

The ground between Wei Yu, metope (waterproof layer is returned tall not under 1.8 meters, prevent to splatter body of wall of infiltration of water, mist water, bring about) of get damp of adjoining wall body, the ground of kitchen and balcony, metope (return tall not under 0.3 meters of) , should have done comprehensive and waterproof processing.

   Waterproof layer should be accomplished enough thick

Reducing thickness of thin waterproof layer is jerry customary maneuver. Waterproof layer wants enough thick, ability resists the acid in life liquid waste, rainwater, alkaline, chloric of kind of material erode for a long time. The waterproof of normal manufacturer can wrap mount to indicate in the product construction ply and dosage, answer to consult strictly.

   Finishing must do the test that shut water

After waterproof construction ends, feudal good enter the water mouth, hour of store water 24~72, whether does the examination have leakage place.

Waterproof it is indoor the important take cover engineering in decorating, also be jerry heavy disaster area. Consumer should choose good waterproof, close quality of very waterproof project, the aggravating leakage loss after ability is put an end to and neighborhood are on bad terms.

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