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Waterproof coating is waterproof the case study of the problem in construction
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Waterproof coating is afterwards bitumen waterproof and after mortar is waterproof, a kind of when use extensively in industry and civil building at present new material. This kind of film is by all sorts of synthesis high polymer waterproof coating is cooperated to embed seam material to form, some besmears only a few film, have a plenty of fibre glass is placed between film, synthetic fibre or without spin enhance cloth, the coating that increases in order to form a kind is waterproof layer.

Because film waterproof has good material sex commonly, water proofing property is good, felt force, extensibility is big, OK below normal temperature construction and the structural grass-roots unit that can apply to all sorts of complex form, special those who be helpful for mouth of the horn of yin and yang, rainwater that do not have channel and upright department head close. Development trend is shown all the time inside reason near future. But from in last few years use effect looks, film is waterproof the quality of the project nots allow to ignore, narrate as follows with respect to concerned problem cent now:

   1, cannot stick completely closely with construction facing

Coating is waterproof and current have solvent sex and water breed commonly usedly model, solvent waterproof is used more, if chloroprene rubber is waterproof bitumen of coating, reclaimed rubber is waterproof coating, they but alone gush or brush also can cooperate to use with spun glass cloth, water breast waterproof coating is used very extensive also, still a few is waterproof coating of the foundation with balata or colophony, be like chloroprene rubber, Haipalun coating, get together ammonia has fat coating to wait to also have good performance, be able to bear or endure Hou sex and stability are more reliable. But incidental in practice the phenomenon that cannot stick completely closely with construction facing. If film cannot be stuck closely with construction face, do not have waterproof function. The cause that cause basically is construction surface not dry, concern with temperature of the environment when construction.

   2, film bad distribution

Film is waterproof whether effects, depend on almost whether is even ply obtained after conjunctiva, the construction face of cement mortar whether level off is smooth. Because mortar of concrete, cement is in construction process the error with certain be patient of, this caused the inhomogenous sex of film ply.

   3, the effect that suffers structural craze

The dry craze of concrete, it is to be after concrete is pouring normally 1~6 happen inside the month, the width of earlier break all is in 0.03 millimeter above, coagulation of 1 year of the following reinforcing steel bar board corner office often has apparent inclined to break or centrally place apparent transverse break waits. Once produce craze, often suffer temperature change, drying shrinkage is wet bilge wait for an influence, make break expands gradually, plus foundation inhomogenous sedimentation or the element such as the earthquake, break is spent more apparent, some project crack width are in 5 millimeter above person very much also. Below afore-mentioned circumstances, having 1~2 millimeter deep film only commonly is very difficult won't pull broken, although was not pulled,defeat, pull because of sufferring pull make film attenuates cannot restorable, and become corporeal and faint built on stilts the small area on break, its appearance resembles the bridge floor that paper-thin board place wears, a lot of get outside force and suffer damaged, once damaged, rainwater arrives with respect to meeting immerge inside whole break, this is the source that creates building leakage.
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