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Roofing film and outside metope is waterproof construction
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Roofing and outside wall leakage is common quality common fault. How to prevent and cure roofing and outside wall leakage, the article emphasizes the issue of a few technologies in talking about construction.

   One, roofing film is waterproof construction

1. Layer of cement mortar make level must ask to hang a line by the design or do a mark to look for slope, install good branch squares formed by crossed lines to seam batten. After cement mortar make level stops water, should undertake 2 times pressing light, make exterior level off close-grained, sufficient conserve, roofing corner office asks float of the horn that use a circle wipes a circular arc, water falls mouth all around the make level layer inside 50em diameter limits should wipe indentation.

2. Branch squares formed by crossed lines is seamed can disconnect completely, also but 1 / seams upside 2 minutes, bottom does not disconnect, branch squares formed by crossed lines is seamed inside embed packing to seal material.

3. Before waterproof layer construction, the dust that must get on basic level, arenaceous bead, clastic rock, sundry, smeary reach mortar a knot in one's heart to keep clear of clean.

4. When on any account is crossed, waterproof layer construction should be pressed first tall hind low principle construction, in same in crossing, should press first far hind close principle, begin from lowermost place.

5. Film must is opposite before waterproof layer construction the dry degree of basic level has a test, when the test Lm2 waterproof a material or plastic film evenly are spread go up in make level layer, the examination is lifted after quiet place 3-4 H, make level layer is enclothed place and waterproof watermark did not see on a material or plastic film can construction.

6. Before construction of large area film, should fall to water first the place such as mouth of mouth, horn of yin and yang, gutter, brim is done add enhance processing.

7. Synthesize high polymer to waterproof film ply should is more than or be equal to 2miD_ , waterproof film should be more than modified bitumen or be equal to 3mm, waterproof film should be more than bitumen radical or be equal to 8mlTl. 8. Waterproof film part of one's job alls over besmear to brush, the paint that besmears first should be needed when besmear is brushed dry after becoming film, just can besmear coating after brushing, the direction that every besmear brushs and before one photograph are perpendicular.

9. Answer besmear answers many times when waterproof layer is being brushed with besmear establishing a range in corner, must not have stream drip, accumulation phenomenon.

10. Roofing parapet inside and press a top to must press design and normative requirement to had done waterproof processing.

11. Should use cement mortar, piece when body or fine stone concrete do covering layer, should wait for film completely dry, after spreading separator, just can wipe cement mortar or irrigate build fine stone concrete. Mortar or fine stone concrete should press light, divide case by the requirement. Branch squares formed by crossed lines seams freely span to should not be be more than 6m, seam wide for 10mm, embed packing fact with sealed material.
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