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Build the quality control of waterproof project
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The building is waterproof be omnibus, practical very powerful project technology, having crucial effect to building the use function of the project. To waterproof project about the branch occurrence leakage phenomenon analyses a result to show, occupy undesirably as a result of material in leakage reason 20% , 30% , occupy coarsely as a result of construction 45% , 48% , because design those who be put in the problem to occupy 18% , 26% , the building is waterproof the project is so-called " 4 leakage " (the roofing leakage, leakage between lavatory bath, outside wall body leakage and basement leakage) the problem already became common quality common fault, should bring to sb's attention.

Basic level controls a point. Waterproof layer is grass-roots unit of construction of main body of leech on to, its quality stand or fall affects the quality of waterproof layer directly. Gradient of the stiffness of main body structure and make level layer, flatness, intensity, surface layer is accurate, the surface does not have an arenaceous, phenomenon removing a skin, the moisture content of basic level is the foundation that assures waterproof construction quality.

The control of requirement of work of waterproof layer construction wants a place. Climate condition. Execution condition maturity mattered to construction quality directly, waterproof project is major open air works, climate element impact is bigger. Encounter inside construction period rain, snow, frost, mist, gale is amiable lukewarm under 5 ℃ or prep above 35 ℃ , affect quality of waterproof layer construction, also hamper successful construction operates construction work staff.

Take waterproof layer and relevant layer construction seriously to make * issue. The data that waterproof layer place uses, must have leave factory certificate of conformity and test report sheet, use in the spot at the same time before must redo water proof test, eligible and rear can use. Waterproof layer construction often should make * work with relevant layer, the construction quality of these relevant layers has very big effect to the quality of waterproof layer, affect the success or failure of waterproof project directly even.

Quality of film water construction controls a point. Film is waterproof construction differentiates to be mixed for construction of small qualitative painting by film ply construction of large qualitative painting. No matter be small qualitative painting,adoption besmear brushs law spray law, the wiping that large still qualitative painting uses controls law construction, want to accomplish: Waterproof norms model accords with design requirement, operation construction method accords with each regulation, the recipe of waterproof coating accords with craft requirement. Construction order must be pressed first tall hind low, first far hind close principle undertakes.

Quality of sealed waterproof construction controls a point. Sealed material is commonly used basically have modified bitumen and synthetic high polymer sealed waterproof two kinds big. Construction method differs according to material each different, have cold set law and hot fill standard two kinds. To ensure construction quality, should experiment in function of the burden of construction machines and tools and agitate, cohere and set the control of material of the line that fill a back, and a few crucial link such as construction operation undertake supervisory controlling.
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