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Modified bitumen is waterproof a construction of material is directive
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  (one) basic level requirement:

Basic level must level off, clean, dry, moisture content should is less than 9% , besmear equably with oil of cold a copy of each document sent out next brush basic level face, wait for its dry and rear but construction.

   (2) roll material shop sticks ordinal way

It is orderly first tall, hind low cross; Coequal height first far hind close; Same plane begins a shop to stick from small part. The parallel when the shop sticks direction to be face gradient <3% is stuck at the directional shop of fastigium; Gradient is between 3%-15% when parallel or perpendicular at fastigium direction the shop is stuck; Gradient > 15% when perpendicular at the direction of fastigium the shop is stuck.

   (3) the shop sticks a method:

Law of 1 hot frit: Use blaze spray gun or other heat the tool aims a material underside and basic level to heat equably, when waiting for the surface to bitumen begins to fuse and assume black brightness position, roast edge shop sticks a material by the side of, use the squeezing ramming that press roller. Size of watchful adjustment blaze and speed answer in the meantime, make bitumen temperature maintains depend on 200-250 Celsius between. After construction ends, should agent of reoccupy cold bonding receives an edge to undertake sealed processing to building.

Law of 2 cold bonding: With rubber even way brushs the cold adhesive such as adhesive of bitumen of modified of scraper general high polymer or fat of cold Ma emperor in basic level surface, control ply even, the edge spreads a material edge to be pushed with rubber roller so that remove air,extend dossier ability to squeezing ramming. When environmental temperature under 15 Celsius when, should use processing of hot frit law to build receive place and roll material accepts head position.

   (4) build receive processing:

Long side builds the monolayer when receiving waterproof freely to build receive width to answer ≥ 100mm, double deck is waterproof should ≥ 80mm; Short edge builds the monolayer when receiving to answer ≥ 150mm, double deck should ≥ 100mm. In the meantime, stickup want even, cannot leak frit or leakage besmear, due a few redundant hot frit bitumen or cold adhesive, crowded go out and form strip.

   (5) the examination checks and accept:

Canvass should undertake after construction ends, ensure waterproof face does not have bosomy bubble, fold, fall off and have housing appearance greatly, accomplish level off, beautiful, assure the waterproof life of a material thereby.

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