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Quality of wall waterproof construction is controlled outside
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  One, wall body examination and processing

1, outside wall build by laying bricks or stones builds a demand: Wall weight avoids to seam when build by laying bricks or stones is built, pervious to light, mortar ash is seamed should even, wall body and bridge column hand over a face, should clear clean rubbish beyond oar, body of bricky build by laying bricks or stones should wet, build by laying bricks or stones builds wall body to cannot reach the summit, part of one's job 2 be over to 3 build by laying bricks or stones, in case mortar is contractive, make wall body sinks adequately solid, flatness of body of additional attention wall detects, next line working procedure approve grey heavy panel or pass in case thin.

2, examination of wall body hole and processing: Wall body hole should be inspected before approving ash, seal all sorts of hole of a body that be like a wall, rough full point uses 1: Make level of 3 cement mortar, if receive too large part, make level of layer of part of one's job, or hang net of reinforcing steel bar, batch of ash such as felt cloth, be opposite additionally the mouth of a cave that the outer wall such as the lever helping a tie of elevator of scaffold, tower crane, construction leaves Ying Qingjie embellish, the grout that use element sweeps an oar sufficient, tong of reoccupy dry rigid divides half and half 2 times to seal, first inside hind outside, sufficient tamp is close-grained, fall-pipe checkpost bore tilts downward 3 ° - 5 ° , card hammer is covered expand glue canal brushs epoxy resin to embed, forbidden use chock. Authentic of Kong Yingsi week becomes the screw that concrete cuts force wall to go up horn mouth, with expand cement mortar is crowded, reoccupy polymer is waterproof oar heal, seal a rigor.

3, the wall outside Tong mends the fence outside Tong local appear a few going up phenomenon of face of hemp of model, beehive, adopt following methods to undertake repairing to Tong surface according to actual condition: ① goes up the model is repaired, will not agree with above all design and the authentic of bulgy Tong part that the standard asks are divided, clear clean, be brushed with steel wire next or pressurization
Bath brushs basic level, use next 1: 2 or 1: Make level of 2.5 cement mortar, final aspersion conserve 14 days. ② beehive is repaired (the beehive hemp face of all discovery all the area is lesser without deep aperture phenomenon) , authentic of bits of the become loose cobble that goes up to Tong face above all, Tong goes, clear clean. Should water first before repair next rinse the dirt that waits for the Tong side that revamp to go up, maintain those who repair tool reference plane is wet, use next 1: 2 or 1: The water mortar make level of 2.5, final aspersion conserve 14 days.

   2, ensure the construction quality of make level layer

  1, the job before plasterer of make level layer:

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