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Waterproof project quality assures measure
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One, establish " a project of vital and lasting importance, quality the first " guiding ideology, groom to applying work staff to have quality awareness, study, rise complete a quality awareness.

2, reach owner, supervisory demand strictly by standard of waterproof design, construction, make detailed rules of quality of each process technology. Work seriously, ensure quality of each waterproof link accords with a requirement, make detailed rules of all sorts of process technology quality. Work seriously, ensure each link quality accords with a requirement.

3, execute 3 class strictly to pledge check system and quality of each team and group hand over a class to record a system.

4, execute quality post to make, differentiate to fulfil quality responsibility to the first individual body by working procedure, build quality everybody canal, everybody runs the good common practice of quality.

5, execute quality to join calorie of system, in waterproof construction before start working of the first working procedure, have quality put all one's card on the table to concerned personnel, ask construction method, quality to wait to allot each team and group with written form, person of tell sb one's real intentions and accept a person to sign rear executable.

6, all waterproof entering the arena must accord with a requirement, should have to main waterproof leave factory certificate of approval, examine by requirement sampling (measure) , unqualified waterproof must not be used.

7, each branch divides a working procedure, must to labour (class) long make detailed technical put all one's card on the table and exercise instructor, carry out strictly by this.

8, to weighing difficulty project, the programme of construction with detailed work out.

9, rigid standard, program turns operation.

10, achieve admirable and waterproof project to ensure, make this waterproof project quality has truly assure, make construction management system especially. Guarantee period for 5 years.

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