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Mine channel is waterproof plan
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  Project of the first underground is used bury the high polymer that stick type waterproof a reason of material

Subterranean project is waterproof the service life that matters to subterranean building and use safety.

Since the mankind begins build underground project oneself, all the time subterranean building prevent catchment to be put in very significant position. But some closer year cause builds worker at the part faintness of waterproof to subterranean project existence is known, cause water of subterranean project leakage more and more serious.

For project of normative underground tunnel waterproof practice, outside carrying out a country strictly to concern a standard except the proposal, put forward especially the following " channel is waterproof the project designs select material " plan.

1, condition of select material of subterranean waterproof project

1. Purpose of waterproof of 1 underground project

The A, eroding that prevents water to maintain a structure to underground, make sure subterranean building uses fixed number of year.

B, prevent what water builds a space to underground to erode, make sure subterranean building uses security.

C, prevent leakage to cause groundwater earth unbalance, building of influence photograph adjacent uses security.

   1. 2 construct in subterranean building about waterproof layer the position in administrative levels

"The break of concrete is inevitable " , it is characteristic to concrete scientific assessment. Accordingly, " subterranean project is waterproof technical standard " in formulary concrete allows crack width to be 0.2mm, this also is accord with reason. But the concrete of break of 0.2mm of be patient of still calls " structure from waterproof " do not have a truth. Because say from physical concept, the diameter of water element makes an appointment with 0.3 × 10-6, can cross any macroscopical break. Macroscopical interstitial limits is a bound with 0.005mm commonly. So the interstitial affirmation of 0.2mm wants slack, by the concrete of break of 0.2mm of be patient of, how to say to go up again " structure from waterproof " ? So, waterproof layer is in the tectonic administrative levels beyond structure of subterranean building principal part, of its action if,weigh the first, and cannot be regarded as " add and waterproof layer " .

   1. 3 beards consider waterproof and subterranean building to use synchronism

Because underground is versed in Cheng is to be buried at subterranean building, invalidation of waterproof in the future layer needs the possibility of overhaul to have hardly. Accordingly, waterproof layer material chooses subterranean project to use the data that can design operating period synchronism with the building as far as possible. Because, synthetic resin sheet is in do not suffer the atmosphere, ozone, ultraviolet ray, ageing below erodent circumstance very slow. The industrial developed country such as Japan, United States often uses such as: EVA, PE, PVC is waterproof roll material makes compound line step waterproof layer. Had had 35 years at present not invalidation record.
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