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Coating can divide 18 kinds with basically be a foundation into velar material
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The course develops for a long time, at present coating already had thousands of a variety of, to coating classification named in the past very skimble-scamble. Branch of our country chemical industry, already was opposite now the classification of coating basically is a foundation into velar material with its, differentiate coating it is 18 kinds big. In be applied actually, we often are used to again will divide by certain and specific function, to building paint we divide normally for:

One, the configuration classification that presses coating

Solid state coating, namely coating

Liquid state coating: Solvent coating, water-solubility coating, water breast coating

2, the burnish classification that presses coating

Gao Guang or bright coating, the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics or finalize the design partly coating, without light model or inferior light coating

3, brush place classification by besmear

Inside wall paint, outside coating of wall paint, ground level ground, housetop coating, ceiling coating

4, classify by coating coating condition

Coating of smooth besmear coating, arenaceous wall shape, contain the adornment coating with arenaceous quartz, copy Shi Tu makings

5, the special function classification that presses coating

The building coating, preservative coating, car coating, coating that prevent dew, antirust coating, waterproof coating, protect wet coating, stretch coating to wait

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