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Brief introduction of product of SBS waterproof coating
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1, brief introduction of product of SBS waterproof coating: SBS waterproof coating is it is with oil, bitumen base makings, the SBS that rejoin measures certainly regards the modified of bitumen as material, after bitumen classics modified, rejoin all sorts of auxiliary, the modified bitumen flexibility that restricts through specific technology is waterproof coating. Cold construction is convenient, safe, it is to offer of all kinds roofing, of storehouse waterproof, moistureproof wait for a project to use. 2, main characteristic: SBS waterproof coating has good extensibility, low tender sex, hear resistance, corrosion resistance reachs weatherability; Cold construction safety in operation is convenient, do not pollute an environment; Coating force of compact, felt is powerful. 3, index of technology of SBS waterproof painting: 1, solid content % : ≥ 53 2, waterproof sex: Waterproof of 0.1Mpa   30min. 3, heat-resisting spends: (80 ± 2) 5h of OC constant temperature, coating is invariant; 4, microtherm is flexible: (- 10 refrigerant 2h, circle 10 axes club to bend) coating is invariant. 4, suitable scope of SBS waterproof coating: What SBS waterproof coating can use at all sorts of roofing, basement, toilet, reservior to wait is waterproof, what also can be used at of all kinds conduit is anticorrosive, moistureproof reach shake older industrial factory building to build a project. 5, product storage period: SBS waterproof coating is sealed keep in storage is 6 months at period of shady and cool place, keep in storage. 6, execution condition: Appropriate of air temperature of construction of SBS waterproof coating is optimal when 5-35OC, day of overcast and rainy, basic level is damp cannot construction. 7, tool of class of division of SBS waterproof paint: Broom, wood is blown child, putty knife, wool is brushed, makings bucket. 8, craft of construction of SBS waterproof coating 1) , basic level requirement: Basic level must level off, firm, clean, answer without horn of empty beat, yin and yang horn of make it circular arc. 2) , construction demand: Waterproof film should want standard of construction of sue for peace according to the design, much besmear is thin brush, one is used among or cloth of case of 2 Bo fibre web is done strengthen a layer, dosage of reference of every square metre 3-5kg, coating ply 1.5-3mm, above of every removed 8h, build receive width to be 8-10cm, on, lower level builds juncture to want to stagger. 9, note of construction of SBS waterproof coating: 1) , wind-force shoulds not be when 5 class above construction. 2) , fire prevention prevents insolate. 3) , after waterproof layer is finishing, if have fold, take off empty bubbly phenomenon, answer to cut its open gas. Reoccupy coating sticks cloth of post Bo fine to strengthen.

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