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Rigid waterproof brief introduction
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What is rigid waterproof? What sort does rigid waterproof have?
Rigid waterproof is to point to it is raw material with cement, arenaceous stone, or the mix into inside its enters the data such as polymer of a few additive, high polymer, cooperate to compare through adjusting, restrain or reduce hole rate, change hole feature, add the method such as the close-grained sex between interface of each raw material, make up the cement mortar concrete that has certain impervious to show ability kind waterproof.
The main raw material that place of rigid and waterproof layer uses has cement, arenaceous stone, additive to wait, detailed sees a table.
What rigid waterproof presses its gel material is different can divide it is two kinds big, one kind is with silicate cement is base expect, join the waterproof mortar that inorganic or organic additive are made up and becomes, waterproof concrete, if additional gas is waterproof concrete, polymer mortar; Another kind is the special type cement that with expanding cement gives priority to is base makings is the waterproof mortar that make up, waterproof concrete, if expand cement is waterproof concrete.
Express the main material of rigid and waterproof layer
Remarks of action of category material name
Material cement 1. Sclerotic in air and water, the material such as arenaceous, cobble firm cementation is together, make concrete (or mortar) intensity grows ceaselessly
2. Expand cement makes concrete arises to expand moderately in sclerotic process grade is unfavorable under 425
Aggregate arenaceous cobble 1. Have framework effect, it is better to make concrete is had why to plant stability and wear
2. Save cement, reduce cost
Additive decreases water agent, waterproof agent, expander to wait mixing the mix into when making concrete is entered, in order to improves the quantity of function mix into of concrete to not be more than cement quality commonly 5% (special situation except)
Material reinforcing steel bar
Steel wire
Steel fiber 1. Increase concrete the stiffness of waterproof layer and integral sex
2. Increase the strength of waterproof layer concrete, restrain subtle break begin, increase crack resistance can
Piece body
Material clay brick, heat preservation, waterproof form a body with waterproof mortar waterproof frivolous case facing
Soaked noodles made from beans or sweet potatoes of refus of material of farinaceous abhor water make waterproof layer, can have effect of waterproof, adiabatic, heat preservation

Rigid waterproof can be divided again by its action bearing to have the waterproof of action (namely structure from waterproof) the waterproof with only and waterproof action. Former the waterproof concrete that points to all sorts of types, latter points to the waterproof mortar of all sorts of types, .
Cement mortar kind waterproof, already was in our country ground early to issue the application in the project in 40 time, come nearly 229 years, development of our country waterproof mortar is very rapid, breed increasingly grow in quantity, if chloridize iron is waterproof mortar, expander is waterproof mortar, reduce an agent pink of waterproof mortar, silicon is waterproof mortar, these waterproof mortar already applied in all sorts of waterproof projects widely increasingly, all have certain waterproof effect, but ability of body of comfortable meet an emergency of this kind of waterproof is poor, do not bear to cause be out of shape. Come nearly 10 years, all sorts of polymer mortar develop a success early or late, enter high polymer polymer with mix into (synthetic resin or fluid of synthetic rubber float) the close-grained sex that method will come to raise mortar, tenacity and crack resistance, obtained certain result, the function of mortar had definite improvement, but the fundamentality that can not change rigid waterproof is qualitative, still existing to open the defect that does not crack along with basic level craze. Accordingly, cement mortar kind waterproof, as add and waterproof layer, of the structure of subterranean project concrete that is used at having waterproof and moistureproof demand greet surface, back surface, wait for not close-grained blemish in order to make up for face of the beehive that large area appears in concrete construction, hemp, enhance the water proofing property of concrete structure, relatively appropriate. The method that waterproof mortar uses mix into additive more in abroad is cracked with improve and raising its to fight, expand wait for function. The cement that abroad uses is waterproof agent breed is various, press its property classify, these waterproof agent home already were produced partly.
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