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Environmental protection of new-style low cost is waterproof the research of tec
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One, develop setting

Glue of Niao aldehyde colophony, it is one kind applies adhesive of most general high polymer of hot solid sex on lumber industry, have manufacturing technology cheap of price of simple, raw material is bought easily, first viscosity is big, stick receive strength colorless and taller, transparent and do not pollute the advantage such as wood products, apply Yu Daxin extensively already board (joinery board) , products of plywood, beaverboard, paper, fiber and man-made board the domain such as fabricating and interior decoration, 80% what its dosage occupies lumber industry to always be measured with glue about. Glue of Niao aldehyde colophony is become by urea and formaldehyde condensation polymerization. Use the gum of Niao aldehyde colophony that conventional technology recipe makes, free formaldehyde content is common taller, if makes man-made board is used at furniture to mix indoor decorate, free formaldehyde can volatilize come out. Of formaldehyde release period be as long as 3-15 year, the 1-2 after decorating cannot volatilize completely inside year, content of the formaldehyde in bringing about indoor air thereby exceeds bid for a long time. Formaldehyde is the accepted potential carcinogenic substance on the world, it stimulates eye and respiratory tract mucous membrane to wait, cause immune function finally injury of unusual, liver, lung damage and neural system are affected, and still can cause fetal deformation. The Niao aldehyde glue of tall dissociate formaldehyde is to cause " decorate disease " main reason, become the main pollution source of indoor pollution. For this, national quality is supervised examine total bureau and committee of national standardization management were released " interior decoration decorates material the formaldehyde in man-made board and its goods releases set limit to (GB18580-2001) " national level, carry out formally since January 1, 2002, carry out at enforcing on July 1, 2002. Total bureau of national qualitative check will strengthen the pair of relevant production, examination that sells a business according to new standard this year, once discover rejected product, will give stoutly ban. To get used to the development direction of man-made board industry, the environmental protection that realizes Niao aldehyde glue and man-made plank is changed, the glue of aldehyde of Niao of environmental protection of new-style low cost that studies here, already finished produce per year 30 thousand tons of scale of production, have large-scale productivity.

2, product characteristic

Glue of aldehyde of environmental protection Niao still is main raw material with formaldehyde, urea, reduce the free formaldehyde in adhesive through changing the Maerbi of formaldehyde and urea; Through controlling reaction process medium PH is worth and react temperature adjusts resinous structure, the hydroxide formaldehyde content in reasonable control colophony, in reducing colophony inferior formaldehyde aether key, thereby the Niao aldehyde colophony that preparation gives qualification, produce the man-made board that gives qualification. (One) product function index: Actual measurement of name of serial number project is worth 1 exterior ivory without foreign matter even liquid 2 PH is worth 7-8 3 viscosity (content of S)40-60 4 solid (keep in storage of 2 5 of %) 65 ± period (day) 60-80
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