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Greatly core board cement is waterproof material of 3 everybody outfit chooses c
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"Greatly core board, cement and waterproof coating are our family the material of 3 large bases in decorating, very big also to will decorating the influence of quality henceforth. But, these comparison " primitive " the material of configuration to the head second for the consumer that decorate, did not say to understand, what see possibly repeatedly is not much. So, a lot of people are a money hand in, let section chief purchase go. Little imagine, among them way to do sth is very much, this respect, you still must leave bit of time really. You still must leave bit of time really..

Big core board

Greatly core board is unfavorable and overweight

Joinery board, the common inside travel weighs big core board, be by two veneer among sticky control joining together board and become. Joinery board among it is becomes with natural batten bind core, two sides is stuck on very thin wood skin, it is one of the mainest material in decorating. Can do furniture and bag wood door and door to cover, central heating cover, curtain box of window, its are waterproof and moistureproof function excel particieboard and in density board.

Choose big core board when, the key sees in-house lumber, should not be too broken, the joinery that aperture controls in 3mm between lumber board advisable.

A lot of consumer preference are big core board, value an amount, 2 see the value. Actually weight exceeds normal big core board, make clear used miscellaneous wood. The big core with miscellaneous mosaic wood board, essential hammer does not enter nail, cannot use so.

With product of E1 class above

Domestic adornment decorates the big core that can use E1 level only board. E2 step is big content of core board formaldehyde should exceed E1 class big core possibly also board 3 times much, cannot use at domestic adornment to decorate absolutely so.

Next, what should handle to cannot undertaking facing is big core board undertakes purify and closing handling, inside all sorts of the backboard that decorates especially, ark board wait inside gentle air cover. At present the expert excogitates formaldehyde to close agent, formaldehyde closes candle and eliminate and close the gas mist agent of formaldehyde, use effect is best at the same time.

General the bedroom that 100 square metre control uses big core board do not exceed 20 pieces, the formaldehyde in using much meeting to create indoor environment exceeds bid. Do not use big core below the floor especially board do scaleboard.

How the choose and buy is high grade big core board

See the address of the trade mark that examines manufacturer home, production, mark that prevent bogus wait.

2 see a product detect the formaldehyde in the report releases a quantity whether every litres are less than be equal to 1.5 milligram. General and normal manufacturer produces have detect report, of formaldehyde detect numerical value is lower better.
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