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Notice of waterproof choose and buy
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Going up century 90 time metaphase. Our country was announced " standard of roofing project technology " level of GB 5020794 state, to the quality of the waterproof coating of distinct category the requirement reached construction method, acceptance of work to make specific provision, this pair of buildingsWaterproof coatingpositive effect arrived since development. ButWaterproof coatingStill do not have mandatory standard, the market is more troubled, remain farther standard.

Ask in kitchen and sanitationDecorateIn, waterproof be must program, and in 10 mandatory in national level, the ill other people of waterproof without the regulation coating limits a criterion, because this should strengthen management further more when the family is decorated. After some families are decorated, discover the odour in toilet and kitchen is bigger, through detecting the center detects discovery, as a result of,basically beWaterproof coatingThe pollution that cause, and this kind of pollution keeps clear of not easily.
.fscl. Current, the waterproof on the market has two kinds big: It is to get together ammoniac fat kind waterproof coating. This kind of material is commonly by get together ammoniac fat and coal tar are made as raw material, the noxiousness of anxious oil gas that it volatilizes is big, and keep clear of not easily, was in our country 2000 accordingly by taboo. Still be in of the sale get together ammoniac fat is waterproof coating, it is to use bitumen to replace coal tar to serve as raw material. But when using this kind of coating, use commonly contain the organic dissolvent such as toluene, xylene to come attenuant, cropland and also contain noxiousness; Another kind is polymer cement radical is waterproof coating. It has the composition of high grade cement of all sorts of additive by latexes of a variety of complex of polymer of ability in swimming and mix into, polymer (colophony) flexible it is an organic whole with the rigid knot of cement, make it is behaved in impermeability and stability respect exceedingly good. Its advantage is construction convenient, integrated cost is low, time limit for a project is short, and avirulent environmental protection. Accordingly, polymer cement base the protagonist that has made waterproof coating market.

The expert reminds, company of a few adornment and consumer feel indoor to decorate erroneouslyPrevent water treatmentThe area is not very big, after processing above still have cement and ceramic tile, cause pollution not easily. Actually otherwise, because indoor and waterproof layer is general,the ability after wanting to achieve certain ply can have corresponding waterproof use function, the use amount of material is accordingly larger, the once use,contains pollutant waterproof painting in waterproof construction, chairman time causes indoor environment to pollute.
Current, control the waterproof coating pollution that interior decoration decorates, basically need to undertake controlling from use material field, should first selection is avirulent the waterproof coating of environmental protection. There is acrylic ester on the market at present waterproof coating and the polyurethane waterproof that do not have tar are oneself the product of avirulent insipidity environmental protection that is proved, with this kind waterproof coating is treated indoor floor ability is contented and indoor
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