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Polyester is waterproof coating of coating VS polyurethane
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Polyurethane of ability in swimming is waterproof coating is with polymer the latex is with a variety of copolymer base makings, add additive and make green, environmental protection, avirulent hurtless water breast waterproof coating. It highlighted low tender sex, waterproof sex and tensile strength, it is to build the waterproof paint with waterproof idealer project at present.
Product characteristic
1.Have be able to bear or endure goodly ability in swimming, be able to bear or endure await a gender.
2.Coating shows whole to close, function is stabilized for a long time.
3.100 ℃ do not shed high temperature hang, microtherm - 40 ℃ not chap.
4.Product green environmental protection is avirulent and harmless.
5.Construction safety, craft is simple.
6.Damp tool reference plane all but construction, increase project rate of progress planned speed effectively.
Coating utility
Can use at building and compose to build thing the prominent place of waterproof project. Be like: Of project of roofing, toilet, bathroom, bridge, culvert, underground waterproof those who prevent leakage and equipment, pipeline is outer and waterproof
Service instruction
1. Use round brush, wool to brush do roll Tu He to brush besmear.
2. When coating is ropy, can add water use after mix is even. It is advisable that the quantity that add water goes to the lavatory with construction, the forbidden excessive that add water. The application after adding water is over, unfavorable deposit.
Construction craft
Clear tool reference plane clean before construction, had handled first board seam and be out of shape seam, brush paint in besmear of tool reference plane next, the besmear after waiting for the surface to work brushs coating the 2nd times to spread material of ground floor carcass at the same time (without spin cloth or fibre glass cloth) . The besmear after waiting for the surface to work spreads material of the 2nd carcass when the 3rd coating, ordinal analogize. Administrative levels the how much requirement according to waterproof project. After spreading last carcass material, above besmear brushs paint not less than 3. Shop carcass material from laid of small part of tool reference plane, want level off squeezing ramming, without bleb, without drape, build edge 5-10CM. Every coating is used makings in 0.4-0.5 kilogram / smooth rice, class of Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ is waterproof 2mm of layer ply ≥ , Ⅳ class is waterproof 1.8mm of layer ply ≥ .

Polyester is waterproof coating is with styrene acid ester copolymer and polymer latex are base makings, join classics of filling, auxiliary dispersive, agitate, abrade and into. It highlighted polymer of styrene acerbity ester be able to bear or endure ability in swimming, be able to bear or endure await gender and fight ageing sex. It is the waterproof painting with building roofing, relatively at present good steel structure.
Product characteristic
1. is able to bear or endure ability in swimming and be able to bear or endure await a gender to highlight.
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