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Coating of RMAG-B-01 acrylic polyurethane
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One, product brief introduction RMAG-B-0 1CoatingFor dissolvent of acrylic polyurethane double constituent coating, mix by constituent of A of colophony, painty, auxiliary constituent of solidify agent GH-1/B and dissolvent (thinner X-1) allocate and become. Get together as a kind Niao polyurethane is special the surface protects coating, have keep light admirably, maintain quality, fight Huang Bianhe anti-corrosive, be able to bear or endure the characteristic of climate. 2, apply RMAG-B-0 1 coating is main to get together protection of surface of paint of Niao, polyurethane spray is used, have maintain quality admirably, keep light, fight yellow change, be able to bear or endure function of atmospheric corrosion t, can improve scent a group of things with common features effectively to get together Niao, PolyurethaneSpray paint face is yellow change problem of exterior quality of surface off color, can promote effectively get together paint of Niao, polyurethane spray is in a variety of anti-corrosive, waterproof, application that prevent the domain such as level ground of slippery stretch ground. 3, paint film is main function 1, coating of 32 % GB/T 1725 of ≥ of content of solid of range estimation of liquid of toughness of exterior of coating of law of proved recipe of check of target of item of coating quality index is fineness ≤ of μ M white dry time of 70 Cps GB/T 1723 of ≥ of 20 GB/T1724-89 coating viscosity expresses 15 other expression ≤ dry ≤ get right on the job of 0.5 hours of GB/T1728-89 70 ℃ of 24 hours of drying 1 hour
2, color of paint film of law of proved recipe of check of target of item of film function index accords with level off of exterior of paint film of example standard range estimation, smooth range estimation adherent force ≤ 1 class (get together Niao polyurethane surface) GB/T9286-88 hardness (pencil hardness) ≥ 1H (delimit case) GB/T6739-96 plasticity4, pack of 16 Kg metal pail

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