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Coating of bottom of level ground of ground of RPE300 annulus oxygen
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One, of product brief introduction By the level ground of double constituent ground that the B group share that the A constituent that waits for composition by epoxy resin, special thinner, auxiliary, filling, dye mixes coating of level ground of ground of RPE300 annulus oxygen to be comprised by solidify agent comprisesCoating, have stick goodly receive ability, adherent force is powerful, be able to bear or endure the characteristic of beautiful of ability in swimming. 2, function and utility The back cover of concrete ground, use at the waterproof ooze of concrete surface to appear, increase get together the adhesion of layer of Niao polyurethane spray and concrete ground. 3, coating function 1, coating quality index

Constituent of A of item target exterior: Constituent of B of toughness coloured liquid: 60 % of ≥ of content of flaxen liquid solid is fineness watch of time of solidify of 100 Cps of ≥ of viscosity of M of μ of ≤ 50 does 4 Hr (15 ℃ above) 24 Hr of get right on the job (15 ℃ above)

2, color of film of target of item of film function index colorless or accord with flatness of exterior of example lubricious paint film and cement floor to be not had consistently flow apparently hang and air bubble is adherent force ≤ 1 class

4, service instruction 1, before using divide evenly of A constituent agitate, prevent colour, filling precipitates, next teem needs dosage, undertake filtering with screen mesh, join B constituent to mix by plan certainty ratio even, after placing 20 minutes, can undertake besmearing brushing or spray, the proposal is gone inside 2 hours compound, and basisConstruction means, join right amount thinner (or solvent) adjust to proper viscosity 2, execution condition 2. 1, temperature is more than 10 ℃ , proposalConstructionTemperature 15~30 ℃ ; 2.2, humidity ≤ 80% , 60~70% of proposal construction humidity; 2.3, the ground already crossed conserve period, and <10% of its water content, 2.4, ground does not have smeary, dirt and grain content, anhydrous is slash; 2.5, the ground does not have apparently bulgy content and indentation; Spray of 2.6, proposal, besmear brushs area 4.5~6m2/ Kg (planar) ; Above of 2.7, 15 ℃ is dry proper burnish level has with machine of disc sand milling after 24 hours, clear dust.

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