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Outside RPUA-G-04 conduit preservative coating
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One, product brief introduction RPUA-G-04 is one kind applies to steel tube Niao and polyurethane get together anticorrosively outside conduit Niao sprayCoating, Have exceedingly good acid-proof, alkaline, salt, oil resistant to taste corrode protective function and lasting effect service life, coating adds exert oneself tall, fight cathode to come off the gender is reachedImpermeabilityCan beautiful, with current and commonly used annulus oxygen powder anticorrosive photograph of spray and 3PE is compared, have construction to go to the lavatory reach the characteristic with construction simple equipment, receive an anticorrosive respect to have clear technical advantage than 3PE and spray of annulus oxygen powder in conduit solder especially, it is the first selection that at present anticorrosive material replaces the wall outside conduit. 2, product use The product applies extensively at petroleum pipeline path, lose natural gas conduit, water supply conduit, heat addition conduit, chemical industry substandard of anticorrosive conduit, sewage conduit is anticorrosive domain. 3, preservative coating specifications 1, get together 1.16 ± of density of 98 % of > of 98 % of > of content of solid of liquid of coloured of liquid of light color of surface of constituent of B of constituent of A of property of Niao spray paint 0.02 G/cm3 1.07 ± 0.02 G/cm3 Viscosity 150 Cps of ± of 600 ± 150 Cps 550

2, get together second of 10~20 of second of 25 ℃ 10~20 adjusts time of gel of G-04A G-04B of Niao coating function 150 % of ≥ of 100 % of percentage elongation ≥ of A85~90 of Shao of D 53~58 of Shao of hardness of 7.5 MPa of ≥ of 7.5 MPa of ≥ of cast-iron and adherent force fights steel cathode comes off (28 days) 12 Mm of ≤ of ≤ 12 Mm fights voltage (V/mm) ≥

4, Use note 1, G-04 coating becomes angry easily below illumination condition, proposal color employs deep ash or black. If have a demand to colour, the proposal besmears acrylic acid of a RMAG-B-01 protects face lacquer. 2, G-04 coating must as arenaceous as bottom material gush or burnish and form a complete set of the besmear end RPE-300 annulus oxygen are used.

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