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Agent of FLSA sudden shot-off of loss
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Agent of sudden shot-off of loss (the new technology product that Fast Leak-stopping Agent) is total courtyard of research of science of Chinese housing materials. Its characteristic is to condense sclerosis is fast, time-interval coagulates eventually first extremely short, after coagulating eventually rapid generation intensity, 15 minutes of intensity are more than 10MPa, 1 hour of intensity are more than 20MPa. Can head water operation, rapid shut-off of water, shot-off of loss. This product construction is simple, as strong as force of basic level felt, not contractive, do not fall off, the shut-off of water of shot-off of loss that can use extensively at the project such as building, underground, underwater, channel, rush to repair, perfusion.
This product is not had chloric, avirulent, do not light do not explode.
One, specificationsSetting time (Min) compressive strength (MPa) is fought lose pressure of impervious of 7d (MPa) of bonding strength of intensity 3d (MPa) (coagulate eventually at the beginning of MPa) 15min 1h 1d 3d 28d 1-3 2-4 >10 >20 >35 >40 >50 >4.0 >1.2 >1.52, use method
1, above all slack dot or slack seam authentic to become perpendicular horn mouth, clear sundry or loose powdery substance clean, use water profit wet; B
2, a kilogram agent of sudden shot-off of loss puts bowl inside or inside the agitate container of other, join 0.3 ~ 0.35 kilograms of water, blend oar body quickly. Under 5 ℃ when, appropriate uses the water agitate of 20 ℃ above; 3, put the puddle of shot-off of loss that has mixed on the hand, feel daub is calorific a little when hair is good, greet slack direction quickly to press, time continuously a Cai Kesong, can stem water inside 5 minutes commonly; 4, to ooze puddle, can throw powder of agent of sudden shot-off of loss directly inside hole, walk with the foot next, the foot just can loosen after waiting for sclerosis;
5, to serious and slack seam, use drainage method, block up first on seam, next seaming is blocked up after, block drainage aperture up finally;
6, accumulate leakage to bedding face, want to locate slack spot, stem with agent of sudden shot-off of loss first, wipe a face with waterproof mortar next.
3, pack reach store
Polybag is packed, every bags suttle 5 kilograms, every 4 bags pack one box. Sealed below dry environment store,
The expiration period 6 months, open bag hind to give out.

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