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Bitumen market is short-term still the strong price that prop up continues up
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General of major area of near future our country falls to arrive greatly rainstorm, suffer weather effect, although speed of domestic way construction puts delay somewhat, but this is used up to bitumen do not have too big impact however, market level continues there is the situation that rise in keeping firm. Each district hands in bitumen to clinch a deal again the level is respectively: Hua Dong area 3100 yuan / or so tons, shandong area 3100 yuan / or so tons, hua Na area is in 3100 yuan / or so tons, southwest 3150 yuan / or so tons, northwest area 3000 yuan / or so tons.

The public opinion poll that does according to place of near future of bitumen industry net shows, the market handlers that has more than 70% expresses to value to trend of the city after bitumen, think current price is in the trough position this year basically, suit filling storehouse very much. In addition, market handlers expresses: Near future market is put in more advantageous element, basically have the following sides: 1, construction period comes, of like a raging fire of many civil engineer begin, will draw litre of bitumen demand, drive market level up. 2, house of international crude price does not fall high, finished product oil moves valence to did not see activity tardy however, refine factory faces situation of oil refining deficit, factory of predicting home refine will process a volume through reducing crude oil in order to reduce oil refining deficit, bitumen output also will decrease accordingly. 3, price of each district residuum all relatively early days has relatively substantially rise, refine factory changes the line of production residuum enthusiasm increases. 4, a few big production manufacturer of domestic drive bitumen price actively together up. 5, the near future, entrance bitumen has the tendency that reduces to be exported toward China.

Market analyst thinks: Short-term market has stronger prop up up, predict domestic share manufacturer had recently continue to move the price likelihood. When stalking of grain to author cut in petrifaction Shanghai bitumen sells a branch to already went up move its the bitumen price of 9 refine factory, amplitude modulation is in on 50-100 yuan / ton.

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