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The wall outside architectural is waterproof energy-saving development analyses
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About heat preservation of the wall outside architectural energy-saving technology, our home is to be impossible used, upsurge in price of the sources of energy today, the progress that sees this technology. Company of Huang Zhenli and his new technology of Beijing Zhen Ligao, it is a company that makes with advanced concept thick and fast with the technology, recently, hear of American settle on his " double decrease " (reduce rubbish to make an amount namely, reduce wastage of the sources of energy) company mission, appetent cooperate with him, {TodayHot} advances this to live for the mankind jointly the environmental protection project that brings happiness and benefit. The reporter is in Beijing new mostly the hotel interviewed him hurriedly. Huang Zhenli tells a reporter, they finished two recently about outside the scientific research task of wall heat preservation, one is " outside the matter that break of the heat preservation outside the wall makes and the research that its dominate a technology " this project promotes a center to organize expert appraisal by development of construction ministry science and technology on November 5; Another is to will be on annual meeting of Chinese waterproof association, brace up interest firm provides main body paper " outside wall heat preservation is waterproof technical research " . Problem of this two a lecture given to a large number of students is actually brace up the crystallization that interest company is united in wedlock with practice theoretically for years. How does ability create technology of the heat preservation outside issueing those who have him distinguishing feature and product, those who make system of innovation of industry technology domain get the person that run? Huang Zhenli thinks: Want to set out from national condition above all, produce an enterprise to cannot get another kind of resource in order to use up limited natural resources, should base oneself upon is used integratedly at resource, {HotTag} has done energy-saving work really. Next, domestic great majority builds a structure basically is less than structure of the build by laying bricks or stones outside irrigating, frame and complete cast-in-place structure are given priority to, build the development development of technology of heat preservation of energy-saving wall body to answer diversification ground develops, in order to satisfy the need of different area; Moreover, must strengthen the research that increases fundamental sex to work, solve good metope break and metope waterproof the technical bottleneck problem of this one heat preservation outside restricting, the safety belt that can give a structure otherwise comes a series of hidden trouble.

Huang Zhenli thinks, it is a country currently energy-saving to the residence the period that takes seriously most, seize this one favorable opportunity, develop a building energetically energy-saving product, this is give no cause for more criticism. But no matter have termless rush into mass action to be able to bring a few new hidden trouble again, after waiting for a problem to come out, deny again, of policy of this pair of trades make and the development with industry orderly health can bring certain influence. Heat preservation technology is not a simple energy-saving product outside, also not be a single insulation material. His technical content is very tall, should technical start off before the others, measure assures. Below the premise that raises a level ceaselessly, enhance its stability, security. There never is what the person does heat preservation does heat preservation in metope before, traditional heat preservation pattern is to be inside the wall. In view of this, brace up interest firm studies from what began technology of the heat preservation outside the wall outside be engaged in 1993, they open up early or late endowment the lab of insulation material scientific research that dimensions has most in industry of many yuan of 500 heat preservation outside building domestic and international wall, gathered to include doctor, Master and numerous tall intermediate researcher inside the scientific research team of a many course, own development production goes out " ZL glue pink gets together benzene grain insulation material and technology of its whole set " , creativity ground put forward " outside the heat preservation inside heat preservation excel " , " outside the heat preservation outside the wall does not have cavity system practice " , " withy deflection chases layer gradual change, chase what the layer releases stress to fight crack technical course " concept of 3 old techniques and " structure of protective main body. Current, technology of ZL whole set already developed become include not to have polyurethane of solvent hard bubble, glue pink to get together Tong of makings of oar of benzene grain heat preservation, cast-in-place is compound the net gets together Tong of benzene board, cast-in-place is compound get together without the net benzene board, stickup get together cotton of cliff of the benzene board, law that place weight board, cellular glass, more than kinds 20 have distinguishing feature each, can of body of all sorts of area of applicable country different climate, basic level wall outside technology of whole set of wall heat preservation. Now, ZL technology has won 11 countries patent, be evaluated to be international by construction ministry advanced level technology and product, obtain early or late " national level torch plans a project " , " project of national emphasis new product " , " project of guideline of promotion of achievement of construction ministry science and technology " , " national Kangju sets an example the project chooses a ministry to taste with the product " wait for multinomial attestation. "3 paces are energy-saving " with " deny 7 times " a logion: "The person that succeed is good at denying oneself, the loser is good at negative others " Huang Zhenli always remembers this word well.
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