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The market " do not admit " the reason of coating of environmental protection of
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As environmental protection concept increasingly thorough popular feeling, to coating the environmental protection demand of paint industry also increases with each passing day, coating of carpentry of ability in swimming experienced development course of nearly 10 years in home, but from now the integral situation of the market looks, the road that is apart from industrialization still is not the Yao of a few paces.

The sale of coating of the ability in swimming inside Shenyang city still centers market of lumber of a few a lunar month of 30 days and household to sell, relatively, the sales volume of building materials market because of its the reason of square field surface wants feel well household to sell, but household sells field because its product and consideration of client orientation way, product more locks up the high end in deciding. Whole looks, what the sale of coating of ability in swimming holds proportion in the demand market of paint coating lesser.

   " of in a popular style of " of market of lacquer of ability in swimming is slow

The author understands, lacquer of ability in swimming fails to realize industrialization to have the reason of its oneself quickly, when these reasons make average consumer is selecting a product somewhat misgive.

Dry rate is too slow. The short of inside below slow normal temperature a lot of days is final hardness, cannot satisfy industrialization high quality, efficient the requirement that besmear fits, the tall hardness that average user place asks and tall abundant are spent completely also come true hard also, this is the defect with average consumer most report.

VOC (but volatile organic matter) remain is taller. Because its become velar auxiliary extremely volatile low, if cannot undertake stoving, in normal temperature dry after 7 days, its odour remains and no less than polyurethane coating.

Product cost is high. Current, the technology of synthetic resin of its raw material masters in foreign company hand, count an import mostly. Because the product still is in development phase, promotion expenses of research and development, market is taller, product cost is the double above of solvent coating. To domestic company character, it is very important that lacquer of ability in swimming becomes form etiquette model hard to manage this a bit.

Demand of form a complete set is high. Priming paint of ability in swimming, be bored with child price theory is tall, place of courtyard of furniture factory, scientific research also lacks the cooperation that produces a business with coating, promotion spreads out very hard.

   [small stick person] home of Qi Jinjun of ability in swimming grows history

1995, coating of German Dou Fang enters Chinese market the first times, popularize the brand of coating of carpentry of ability in swimming that its had matured in Europe. Although performance of its product environmental protection is good, but because the price is high, cause product " natural environment to refuse to obey " .
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