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"King of shot-off of loss " not consumer of shot-off of loss obtains compensate
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Sign up for a message according to Xiamen business recently, consumer makes some to area of sea dark blue industrial and commercial bureau is complained say, he is bought use at issueing data of water pipeline waterproof " king of shot-off of loss " , after using, did not appear however hard and caky, pulverous form still is submitted after be being blown with screwdriver, suspicion " king of shot-off of loss " have quality problem.

Execute the law personnel undertakes investigating handling instantly. Via checking, the waterproof that this agency makes work " king of shot-off of loss " proof of purchase and sale is all ready, and product quality qualification proves. But to how using this waterproof to did not undertake the expatiation is mixed agency is direct, all did not arrive tell obligation, put in fault. Undertake intercessory via be versed in business personnel organizes both sides, agency agrees with 1000 yuan to compensate for Xu Mou, use at buying waterproof to undertake defending accordingly handling afresh.

Industrial and commercial personnel reminds operator, the product that craft of special to having construction asks, operator should tell obligation, lest cause needless dispute and trouble.

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