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Pay close attention to thinking of waterproof company strategy be short of break
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In our country reforming and opening 20 old in, once emerged reveal large quantities of one waterproof businesses, but these enterprises disappear very quickly in the eye shot of people again, because this is weighed by play " each are gotten coquettish 35 years " .

In intense market competition, the life and death of the enterprise lives or die is very common thing originally, xiang Yu can lend the name here sentence " the day dies me also, the blame that is not battle " the person that will comfort enterprise and business management of enterprise. But, be opposite again later when us numerous failure is waterproof after the enterprise is examined seriously, discovery is tripping go up in same question, and same mistake is in repeat ceaselessly, this lets a person some 100 think of do not get its to solve.

Well-known, an industry should survive and develop, must have the strategy with right itself, this is the main base that attracts right talented person and incentive enterprise colleague. And a business that lacks dream and blueprint, seldom have capacity of thinking of great strategy conception, sex of the look up before lack and long-term vision, especially employer of a few industries thought to accept oneself after short-term MBA is taught and taking testimony of complete a course, had the quality of entrepreneur, learned those professional and modern business management terminology, one is assured and bold with justice rises, the opinion with right other people is inexorable go, in the language environment that the experience that oneself lay in the past however and the peripheral administration term that oneself master build, a variety of problems of the existence in development of look upon business go in the experience that lay in the past, lost a lot of chances thereby.

The waterproof company that sees fail in last few years fails (even after some company courses recombine, fail inevitably) , apparently look, catenary of the capital in company system ruptured, must go bankrupt clear dish. But what is the real reason of backside? It is us the collective of the strategic thinking of a lot of business operator is short of break, be in already before some unsuccessful facts, without the choice reform plan is mixed newly gene give somebody a new lease on life, understand company strategy one-sidedly, perhaps regarded target and dream as of the enterprise all, this is domestic waterproof company possessory, operator people the mistake that often makes.

However, can go up in the of all kinds summit that the author attends, via often seeing the bosses of waterproof enterprise witticism in rapid succession is contended for even if the photograph considers company strategy, hear the system that makes ego to think over rarely; Seeing is to cater to, assentation, hear the spirit with the independent innovation of the enterprise, be practical and realistic and critically ego rarely. From industry body of failure, a variety of similar phenomena that we see, in a lot of current waterproof businesses, also exist more or less, this is the common fault that domestic company exists generally. How to go making up for company strategy thinking to be short of miss this one class, how to walk out of an enterprise to manage unsuccessful metempsychosis? Need is caused want to do waterproof business truly big, make choice, do only the reflection of controller!
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