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Waterproof rises in price, is good luck still a challenge?
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By May, the manager of Chinese waterproof bound and experts held a peak to meet, can upload came a breathtaking message - the price of waterproof should rise this year 20% to 30% . The waterproof market that this becomes silent all the time to the price is a severe concussion undoubtedly.

From 2003 first up to now, waterproof product is main the price of raw material rises again. Occupy among them waterproof roll material deserves to compare the bitumen price that makes 55% above, by 2003 every tons 1600 yuan go up to every tons 4000 yuan or so, go up amount to 150% ; SBS criterion by every tons go up 12 thousand yuan to every tons 20 thousand yuan, go up amount to 66.67% . And waterproof product value rises sign without what all the time, a lot of people guess: Waterproof what issue to give after all?

What most person thinks of above all is sudden huge profits of existence of waterproof industry itself, the cost that will increase from spurt in prices of main raw material was digested by the profit of the enterprise. This judgment classics does not live deliberate, above all, waterproof industry is an industry that disperses highly, the production value of before 10 enterprises is not worth in the proportion in the industry 10% , the country does not have protectionism again, form forestall very hard. So whether this industry is in the sudden huge profits that grow period? Present waterproof technology, it is more introduce 20 years ago come, add technology content is not high, bring usury profit very hard, become without a waterproof enterprise up to now appear on the market company, redound of visible waterproof profit is not valued by investor. The parent of the problem goes to go up in supply demand relations, waterproof product homogeneity is very strong, market competition is intense. A lot of small plants produce many inferior product, these inferior goods flood the market, roily order of market price case, formed quality to jump over small gain to jump over big strange phenomenon, formed huge impact to high grade product.

Rise in price can make waterproof enterprise loosened at a heat, had alleviated temporarily low price tastes quality to producing restrain. In addition, waterproof enterprise still should regard it the chance that whole and waterproof industry flies. Come for years, low is low it is the dense disease that waterproof industry develops block all the time character. Without reasonable profit space, normal company undertakes technical development and innovation feebly, also cannot create higher profit, formed vicious circle.

Waterproof industry should carry out a ministry to taste energetically change. waterproof function and building function organic ground combines together, waterproof enterprise Ying Congsheng is produced, construction, conserve, demolish reclaim 4 link, the consideration is energy-saving the improvement with environmental protection respect measure. Decide the total cycle of waterproof conserve with architectural life, calculate as a whole with this waterproof project and the total cost that conserve requires. Execute waterproof project quality to assure period, right in the beginning of waterproof project is designed ever since upkeep costs has consideration, the design gives the waterproof plan of the most energy-saving environmental protection. Of the price go up dropping is temporarily thing, raise industry business to be spent centrally, making top-ranking brand just is long-term plan.
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