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Industry of waterproof and sealed data grows a state to analyse
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Waterproof is the main function data that bldg. and other need about industry place, it is a of housing materials industry main component. As the rapid development of economy of our country countryman, not only the requirement that industrial structure and civil building raised much variety high quality to preventing material, the waterproof and sealed data that high quality also needs in waiting for industry and domain is carried in irrigation works of war industry of bridge, channel, national defence, agriculture and traffic.

Since reforming and opening, our country builds waterproof to obtain rapidder development. Waterproof already cast off the backward situation below unify of paper embryo asphalt felt, have at present include bitumen asphalt felt (contain modified bitumen asphalt felt) , synthetic high polymer is waterproof a material, building is waterproof coating, sealed 5 kinds of big products such as material, shot-off of loss and rigid waterproof. New-style 1995 waterproof a material crop 42 million square metre, occupy about waterproof 5% of a material crop. Our country waterproof basically formed breed kind all ready, form a complete set of product standards, class, tooling develops the waterproof industry system that already took shape, we basically have some foreign variety.

At present posture of advanced nation of our country waterproof and abroad compares existence the following and main problem: It is product structure unreasonable, the output of current and new-style waterproof and sealed material and use amount is very small, paper embryo asphalt felt still is occupied waterproof 95% of a material; 2 it is to produce character to measure general on the low side, false prosperous product floods the market; 3 it is to design construction application technology to remain to raise a building leakage is quite serious still. Waterproof industry adjusts structure, normative market urgently.

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