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Polyurethane elastomer characteristic and market develop prospect
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As the progress of social development and technology, the application of new material is wider and wider, polyurethane elastomer since on the century begins to turn from for military use at the beginning of 80 time for the army and the people amphibious, and with civil after giving priority to, the breed brand of the product increases ceaselessly, scale of production expands increasingly, the effect that in national economy each field place produces the food of departmental door and people is main with each passing day. Set out from the angle that uses actually now, talk about the current situation of the actor defect of polyurethane elastomer and its application development and foreground.

One, the main good point that polyurethane leaps body

1, the adjustable range of function is big. Index of function of multinomial physics machinery all can pass the adjustment of the choice to raw material and recipe, change inside certain limits, satisfy an user to taste the diverse demand of function to making thereby. For example hardness, often be an user main to a of goods index, polyurethane elastomer can make hardness of Cheng Shaoer A already 20 of the left and right sides soft presswork character rubber roll, can make hardness of Cheng Shaoer D again the rubber roll of horniness steel rolling of 70 above, place of general elastomer stuff accomplishs this hard. Polyurethane elastomer is by a lot of flexible catenary catenary of Duan Hegang sex paragraph material of polarity high polymer, as rigid catenary paragraph proportional raise the addition with polar group density, elastomer primary strength and hardness can rise accordingly.

2, wear-resisting performance is superior. It is especially below the working requirement that has the presence of embellish wet medium such as water, oil, its wearability often is common balata material is severalfold to a few times. Metallic stuff is like iron and steel to although,wait very hard, but not certain wear-resisting, if the Yellow River irrigates the large water pump of the area, its shed annulus of component metal mouth and protection to encircle those who pass a large number of silt to erode too, have more than is needed hundreds of hours wear away badly slack, and the buccal link that introduces polyurethane elastomer to wrap Fu and protective group move continuously 1800 small into still did not wear away. If other husks rice the dynamic oil sealing ring that forklift of the used rice huller rubber roll, track track that chooses the vibrating separator breaker plate that coal uses, playground, crane uses, elevator annulus and drought skate annulus the ground of the use force that also is polyurethane elastomer etc. Need to mention here is, in wanting to rise, elastomer of low hardness polyurethane is made coefficient of friction, improvement is in bear the weight of the wear-resisting function below bear, the lubricant such as a few 2 vulcanization aluminium, black lead or silicone oil can be added in elastomer of this kind of polyurethane.
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