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Ethylene - self-sufficient rate is not worth copolymer of acetic acid ethylene 2
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Newest predict to make clear, henceforth ethylene of a few years of our country - copolymer of acetic acid ethylene (EVA) demand will with year all the rate of 8.8% rises, predict consumption will achieve 560 thousand tons 2006, will achieve 700 thousand ~ 2010 800 thousand tons. Among them, farming film demand year all increase rate is 12 % about, will become pull those who move domestic EVA demand to grow quickly the mainest motive force. And at present our country ethylene - gap of market of copolymer of acetic acid ethylene is great, because this accelerates development,already became urgent matter.

Ethylene - copolymer of acetic acid ethylene is our country's in short supply synthesis material. 1998 ~ 2005, our country ethylene - crop of acetic acid ethylene is twenty-six thousand one hundred tons respectively, thirty-eight thousand one hundred tons, 41 thousand tons, thirty-eight thousand four hundred tons, forty-four thousand four hundred tons, forty-one thousand one hundred tons, 41 thousand tons, 58 thousand tons; Apparent consumption is one hundred and seventy-five thousand seven hundred tons respectively, two hundred and twenty-five thousand one hundred tons, two hundred and fifty-nine thousand three hundred tons, two hundred and seventy-seven thousand six hundred tons, three hundred and thirty-six thousand eight hundred tons, three hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred tons, 490 thousand tons, 530 thousand tons; Domestic self-sufficient rate is in all the time 20% the left and right sides.

The respect is consumed in EVA, fixing model and epispastic product is the biggest domain that our country EVA consumes, occupy the 65 % that consume gross about; Filmy consumption discharges the 2nd, occupy the 16 % that consume gross about; Hot frit adhesive discharges the 3rd, occupy the 7 % that consume gross about.

The VA that filmy place uses EVA (acetic acid ethylene) content is less than commonly 20% , can serve as agricultural film of functional sex canopy, it is better farming film base makings, still can use as the film that pack, medical film, lamination film, cast film to wait. In last few years, the acetic acid ethylene of our country saponification or partial saponification - ethylene copolymer colophony (EVAL) develop in the industry that pack unusually rapid, its outstanding performance is to have wonderful block temperament, can improve the data that pack greatly protect sweet sex, prevent oxygen to enter, improve food storage life. Predict about 50 thousand tons to film of our country EVA will consume EVA 2006.

The filmy cold-resistant sex that because use EVA colophony to make,becomes, pervious to light gender, stretch, prevent droplet gender and prevent ageing sex to wait all the film that excel uses low density polyethylene to be made, because this abroad is agricultural,film already was used entirely almost contain film of EVA resinous function (three-layer or multilayer and compound film) . Our country is agricultural big country, agricultural and filmy market demand is huge; At the same time our country is the world horticultural help advance somebody's career the country with the biggest area, canopy film enclothes an area to already amounted to 20 million mus, canopy film produces per year a quantity to amount to 700 thousand tons of above. Because this predicts, as functional sex will increase of farming film crop ceaselessly henceforth, EVA colophony will increase substantially in the demand of farming film respect, namely farming film will be become pull those who move domestic EVA demand to grow quickly the mainest motive force.
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