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Brand of waterproof coating market is various random elephant is heavy
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Close paragraph of time, the reporter passes discovery of market research of product of waterproof to Fujian Fuzhou coating, because craft of technology of production of waterproof coating product is relatively simple, market gain is sizable, the knowledge that adds consumer to decorate material to the building is opposite less, a few manufacturer that have manufacturing qualification far from, agency seizes the opportunity to be produced wantonly, sell product of small qualitative waterproof painting, bring about the low simple product with various brand to flood the market. In addition, as a result of the harmful material in waterproof coating product limitation does not have standard regulation, the enterprise lacks standard basis in manufacturing process, the environmental protection function of the product also makes a person anxious. A personage of local inside course of study points out, waterproof market puts these issues that be in, in home other province exists generally also. Resemble heavy waterproof coating market in disorder, urgently the country is relevant the standard of mandatory standard, at the same time need is strengthened about the branch superintend.

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