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The element of normative and waterproof market
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   Waterproof enterprise self-discipline is the main factor of normative and waterproof market

Waterproof market is at present troubled, market action is non-standard, the cause that creates these problems is many sided, the devoid self-discipline of waterproof production manufacturer is a main factor. Waterproof production manufacturer is in the management of the market, whether to depend on standard standard to manage, will normative to the market rate is having crucial effect. Restrict the unfair competition of false, carry out holiday, though be some " be forced to do " , but the road that is the dishonour that him enterprise chooses after all. The standard of the market, the self-discipline of the industry, must make above all by the enterprise, otherwise, kill oneself kill a person. Waterproof enterprise should make favorable market environment, with respect to the non-standard problem that must solve oneself first.

   Above allIt is the competitive route that chooses a standard. Competition is intense and the between congener product market on bazaar is brutal, the choice has the proper competition way of business ethics, the quality that is a product, price, technology supports kimono Wu to wait. And in a few waterproof enterprises, unexpectedly belittle another person, hook in ascendancy, bribe important official regards main competition as the method. The result creates competitor between by " brother " become " Philistine " , by the product competition turns into " influence " competition. After some industry competition fail, contest writes letter of bring a false charge against sb like that, the director leader of enterprise of competition of bring a false charge against sb and staff member, spent method violates normal market order, create confused situation.

   NextBe " study " make a holiday, with low price " get victory " . With low cost investment, choosing low price data is the rule of market economy, not only waterproof market trades is such, say to meet such doing to any buyer. Some enterprises captured this namely, come with the way that makes a holiday depress is normal the price, with low price " get victory " .

   The 3rdBe " close-fitting " pinchbeck, plunder card benefit. Always the market is famous degree of tall waterproof, almost by a certain number of manufacturer " close-fitting " . Of Beijing " abstruse " word, of Pan Jin " the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty " word, of Shandong " source " word, became the public word of waterproof and manufacturer name almost. What reason is this? Among them secret does not say axiomatic.

   The 4thThe leader group quality that is waterproof enterprise remains to rise. Waterproof industry starts late, scope is little, having a lot of companies is as a child mill is made, begin to establish a group from familial member, start level does not have regular administrative pattern. Current, although some enterprises have regular operation, but the main controller level of the enterprise has not reach corresponding arrangement, especially some company controller, be as a child of mill go to evade taxation of false, evade taxes, buy authority to begin rise to power and position with money, after having original capital to accumulate, more forget oneself. Look from this, waterproof industry and other industry posture are compared, still have quite big difference.
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