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Potential of market of waterproof of Bo fine building is tremendous
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Waterproof of Bo fine building is 20 centuries 60 time come out in the United States, progressively promotion, 80 time are in 70 time waterproof of a kind of of foreign swift and violent development new-style building.

Bo fine builds waterproof cent to be two kinds big when be base material with fibre glass cloth and fibre glass mat. Will scatter in its surface after bitumen of modified of base material macerate with mineral pink or enclothe the segregation material such as polyethylene film, make namely become new-style building waterproof.

This material has higher tensile strength, it is good to defend leakage performance, can achieve class A to defend water level, it is to solve building roofing the good stuff of slack difficult problem. Because the material of this material is inorganic fiber character, reason has good anticorrosion, fight aging behavior, blow in the wind of roofing, do not deteriorate below condition of drench, illumination, in the subway, underground and plumbing application, waterproof and anticorrosive performance is outstanding, service life can amount to 20 years. After this material and modified bitumen are compound, stretch, plasticity and heatproof shake sex rise greatly, be like classics APP (random polypropylene) of modified, have better flexibility and dimension stability, agree with the area with strong radiate of tall, sun uses air temperature, and with SBS (styrene, butadiene, styrene) of modified, be in microtherm - 15, the flexibility that keeps good below 25 Celsius condition, relatively get used to northward high cold area and structure to be out of shape frequent building is waterproof.

According to the report, 20 centuries 80 time are prime, development of waterproof of Bo fine building is swift and violent, replaced waterproof of paper radical bitumen entirely almost, make Bo fine output of the United States increased nearly 200 thousand tons thereby. Finland is world papermaking course of study most one of countries that develop, but report according to Finnish Ahistrom company, this country also washed out waterproof of paper radical bitumen, this company has 3 Bo fine to build waterproof product line, year productivity achieves 200 million much square metre.

According to saying, the 45 % that at present the Bo fine of European each country builds waterproof to already occupied building waterproof gross, 50 % , the United States is as high as 80 % , and our country still occupies 8 % only, 10 % . This shows, the market potential of waterproof of building of fine of our country Bo is very great.

Current, market of waterproof of building of fine of our country Bo year demand is 20 thousand tons about. Forecast according to the expert, to 2010, market quantity of total demand will break up two times, the breakthrough closes 1 million tons greatly.

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