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Of waterproof detect
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  One, examination of the ply that become film:

Should use needle puncture method every 100 thorn that make the same score rice are nodded 3 times, measure its height with feet, take its average, the ply that become film should be more than 2 millimeter. Pen of colour of the application when puncture makes number, so that repair.

   2, rupture outspread rate examination:

In waterproof construction, inspect manage personnel can arrive the waterproof with construction good agitate site, divide second besmear to brush the glass in level off board on (vitreous board should wax first) , the ply that become film 1.2 - 1.5 millimeter, place 7 day hind, immerse 7 days in the buck of 1 % , be in next 50 ℃ earth carbonadoes in 2 ℃ oven 24 hours, do dumbbell drawing test, the requirement is outspread maintain rate achieve 80 % (it is 200 % without processing) . Be like short of standard, the specification adds scale inadequacy in mix into of the latex in construction.

   3, be able to bear or endure examination of ability in swimming:

waterproof coating cent second besmear is brushed it is on cement piece, the ply that become film 1.2 - 1.5 millimeter, place 7 days, put into 1 % buck to immerse 7 days, not statified, not empty beat is qualification.

   4, waterproof sex examination:

Falling conditionally, applied instrument detects, its method is will waterproof coating has matched in proportion, divide second besmear to brush it is on vitreous board (vitreous board waxes first) , ply is 1.5 millimeter, static put 7 days, put 2 ℃ of ± of the 50 ℃ inside person oven to carbonado 24 hours next, 3 hours are placed after be being taken out, do waterproof test, waterproof sex is 0.3MPa. Maintain 30 minutes to be qualification without leakage.

If the condition is not had, law of usable range estimation checks waterproof effect, the method is cent of will waterproof coating 4, 6 times besmear is brushed without spin cloth to go up, dry after appearing (make an appointment with 24h) the ply that become film is 1.2 - 1.5 millimeter, condole of appearance of box of make it delay is empty, but must not stay have dead space, add 1 % buck person case again inside, 24h is qualification without leakage.

   5, felt force examination:

G polymer is waterproof mortar, but direct figuration " 8 " matrix, the model gives after 24 hours. Immerse 6 days in the water that put a person, 2 ℃ of 25 ℃ ± do indoor temperature conserve 21 days, do felt test. G waterproof mortar, grey: Water: Glue =1: 0.11: 0.14, g waterproof mortar is 2.3MPa.

R waterproof coating and shape of Cheng Zhi sesame paste, the waterproof coating of become reconciled besmear goes to two half " 8 " word mortar piece on, place 7 days to do felt test, r deserve to compare (play high) , pink: Glue =1: 1.4; (get shot) , pink: Glue =1: 0.8-1. R for 0.5MPa, be more than be equal to felt index to be qualification.
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