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Waterproof system
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  1."Skin formula " waterproof: Waterproof patent product is peculiar stick glue to heat up the generation below temperature in concrete to hydrate oneself " plasticity creep " , concrete and stick gum oneself two interfaces produce adsorption and photograph to set action at the same time, make high polymer compound stick oneself waterproof a material and main body structure are formed " skin formula " whole is united in wedlock;

   2.Waterproof is compound structural intensity: In synthesis the tree shows sheet two sides fills up compound PET to not have spin cloth to enhance a material, use compound the sheet after fights perforative function one times taller than compound premise;

   3.Waterproof bonding strength: Use new recipe system to make up " creep sticks gum oneself " , but with concrete felt, felt force is more than 6.0Mpa;

   4.Waterproof grows life: Synthetic resin sheet is buried in earth to avoid service life of ageing of ultraviolet illuminate degradation 50 years above;

   5.Waterproof environmental protection: High polymer is compound stick oneself waterproof roll material is the cold felt that sticks glue and tool reference plane oneself, without volatile gas, won't pollute air, safe, environmental protection, harmless also to construction personnel body.

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